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Darwin Magazine’s selection of the eight best photography graduates in the UK includes three recent graduates from GSA Communication Design (Photography). Calum Douglas, Alan Knox, and Peter Holliday. You can read more here.

Editor Harry Rose, Darwin Magazine, has selected 8 of his favourite projects, searching high and low, from University websites and attending graduate exhibitions throughout the UK.

Common Senses

Common Senses_3

I made an enjoyable discovery when dusting off some old work files last week. Common Senses, Number One, March 84 was published when I was in my First year at The School of Art. I recognise Jimmy Cosgrove (the master puppeteer on the back cover), Danny Ferguson (formidable looking but insightful and encouraging), John Cunningham (who used to tie his tweed jacket together at the front with a bit of twine), Conrad McKenna and Peter Sumsion (who had a snazzy line in corduroy suits). The zine was put together by students for students and is packed with nostalgic goodies – current stuff, interviews (including Steven Campbell and Ken Currie), poetry, recipes (including cheese nut burgers), book, exhibition and film reviews.

My favourite articles included /
Juke box survey in Pubs in Central Area by Catherine Bisson

oceans eleven


“Bet you never thought of walking into this pub. It doesn’t look very hot from the outside and it’s not exactly all cushions and carpet on the inside. However from my point of view it’s got something that’ll make me go back. They’re video Jukebox. Not only can you hear your favourite songs, you can watch the video too. It’s fifty pence for two songs and you can choose from a wide variety of material. They’ve got quite a few very up to date ones; The Killing Moon – Echo and the Bunnymen; Love is a wonderful colour – The Icicle Works,; The Colourfield – The Colourfield, to name a few. They have Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood but I’m afraid the video is very tame. They have some pretty obscure things, for example; Don’t Box Me In – Stewart Copeland and Rumble Fish; Aerobics – The California Girls and Que te Quiero by Katrina and The Waves, whoever they may be. They’ve got quite a few classics as well – Independence Day by the Comsat Angels; I only want to be with you by the Tourists and Stand by your man by Tammy Wynette. There’s also a whole load more, some I’ve never heard off, and some I don’t think worth mentioning: The video picture is good and the music is loud but not offensive.”

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* Pigeons are the only birds capable of sucking. The rest make do with sipping and swallowing

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“So you think you’re an Art Student” quiz including /

Question 4 — Do you go home to:-
a) See your family, b) get Mum to do your washing, c) get fed and pissed

Question 5 — How many times are you heard saying “frustration” or ”depressed” in one day?
a) never, b) 10 or less, c) at least 5,000

Question 7 — How many times a day do you go for a tea break?
a) 5 or less, b) 10-15, c) my whole day’s a tea break

Question 15 — When a tutor slags your work do you:-
a) Go into a four months sulk, b) Ask to look at her/his recent work, c) Tell her/him to ********** off

If you answered mostly c) you proved to the world that as an art student at The School of Art you were the coolest, hippiest thing to be seen walking along Sauchiehall Street. I needed a d) option for each question to accurately reflect my non posering experience in Yr1. The dodgy anorak without a hood, polyveldt shoes and home knitted sweaters didn’t help. The Mary Chain changed all that …



There were some lovely memories from this year’s Singapore Immersion Programme. Our 70 Singapore guests shared knowledge and cultural differences in the Haldane for three (almost sunny) weeks in June. One of the aims this year was to explore a variety of expressive processes and ask the students redefine them visually and verbally. The students adopted a sense of ‘openness’ and desire to experiment with a variety of media and techniques – they entered into workshop activities with a positive and energetic spirit. Adding to the atmosphere of knowledge transfer were the GSA student ambassadors who exchanged information in whatever way they proposed – discussion, debate, playful activity, performance, drawing and writing. Big thanks to Ryan, Trudi, Laura, Penuel, Jack, Peter, Juliette, Emőke and Rachele.

An important breakthrough moment for one Singapore student was articulated during an interim crit. The student had produced a triptych of drawings of an elderly person climbing a steep street in Glasgow. The drawings were characterful and full of energy. When asked if this was a method of drawing they were familiar with, they replied no. They were using an expressive approach picked up from earlier workshop activity that inspired a new way of looking at the world.

The following piece is from green group b — Fayth Foo, Poh Jing Yi, Tiffanie Sng and Nigel Tan. An animation which examined the remaining structures of an old mill on the Kelvin Walkway. Through their observations, they measured time through repetitive habits and behaviours that portrayed the possible ‘degrading’ of the mill’s history, forgotten both in the physical and psychologically aspect.

Flint mill_1


Offscreen Magazine

Offscreen is a print based magazine about those that create on screen content. Designed in Melbourne, Printed in Berlin.


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 06.40.14

Assembly comes to London this weekend. With an exhibition of all graduating students, talks that bear a passing resemblance to Pecha Kucha, and as yet unspecified amounts of beer, it promises to be reasonably good. Please spread to the word, and hope to see you there.

Clock Watch

Lizzie Malcolm, on Grafik, on Time.

Degree Show 2015


Degree Show 2015 is currently on in Glasgow, until Sunday 21 June, and comes to London (Blackall Studios) on the 27—29 June. Great to see you (yes, you) at either.

Google Vol. 1

A volume containing the entire dictionary represented by the first image result returned by Google images for each word. Review by Daniel Bennewith Gray.

On Colour

Fascinating stuff, as usual, on bldgblog. 


The MDes Communication Design Interim Show, presents a multicultural and multidisciplinary group hailing from Canada, China, France, Scotland, Italy, Taiwan, Norway and the Basque Country. Displaying work from across different mediums, print to digital, and a multitude of thematic directions, they are all brought together by finding themselves in Glasgow.

New Glasgow Society, 1307 Argyle Street
Facebook Event
May 29th – May 31st (Opening Party May 29th 6pm)
Opening Hours: Fri: 6pm-11pm, Sat&Sun: 12-5pm

When (live) Surface was Depth

Drag + Drop is an interesting article about making things appear ‘real’ (with some handy links to useful software). While undoubtedly this is an is an important part of articulating an idea, is there a tipping point where the impression of the surface of an idea is given greater importance than the idea itself? It also leads to a whole load of identikit portfolios conforming to some kind of weird non-offensive white studio loft apartment web browser archetypes.

Getting things Made

Make Works is an excellent directory of fabricators, factories, manufacturers and makers. Set up by GSA Product Design Graduate Fi Scott, Make Works is a fantastic resource if you need to get ‘stuff’ ‘done’.

Blip Blip Blip


Good friend of the department, Ciara Philips, and viscomdes person Edwin Pickstone, are presenting work at Blip Blip Blip in Leeds this week. The doubles series asks a mid career artist to invite another artist, with whom they have some form of educational or artistic relationship, to make an exhibition with them. In this sixth instalment of the series Ciara Phillips has invited Edwin Pickstone to produce a new collaborative work that will line the walls of the gallery.

Runs 14/05/15 – 29/05/15

Private View: 6-8pm Wednesday 13th May / More info here.



The Year 2 Communication Design students at the Glasgow School of Art invite you to their end of year exhibition – Liquidation. A mêlée of artistic interest and merriment for one night only on Thursday 14th of May starting at 7.

Sponsored by CASS ART / Music from Bake (All Caps) 9pm-1am. More info here.

3rd yr Illustration Sale

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 16.25.04

The 3rd yr Illustration Sale, is happening this week, on Friday 24th April. A great chance to buy some great work for a great cause.

Takes place in the Reid Building foyer and Aye-Aye books at the CCA, between 10am and 5pm.

Brendan Dawes Talk // Don’t Miss It


Brendan Dawes will be speaking on Thursday 23rd April 2015

Time: 11:30 – 12:45pm
Venue: The Barnes Building.

Brendan Dawes is a key figure in the development of digital media in the UK, and globally.

Brendan Dawes is a designer exploring the interaction of objects, people, technology and art using an eclectic mix of digital and analog materials.

Ever since his first experiences with the humble ZX81 back in the early eighties, Brendan has continued to explore the interplay of people, code, design and art through his work for various clients and on where he publishes ideas, toys and projects created from an eclectic mix of digital and analog materials. His work is featured in the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York and is a Visiting Teaching Fellow at the Manchester School of Art.

Waiting for the Gods

Waiting for the Gods is an experimental docufiction written and directed by friends Natalie Welsh and Alessandro Bertelle.

The film is an experimental docu-fiction about the incredibly enigmatic founder of Ancient Alien Theory, Erich von Däniken, and his theme park in Switzerland. He wrote the book Chariots of the Gods in 1968, and his ideas have infiltrated everything from Indiana Jones to the History Channel show, Ancient Aliens. Natalie and Alessandro went to the park to interview Erich and to capture his magnum opus in all its surreal artificiality. The film uses animated scenes as visually rich transitions between segments to create distance between reality and fiction and to let viewers float deep into the theories of Erich and the mystery of Jungfrau park.

Title design by Vis-Com-Des person, Ivor Williams (HT for the link). Produced by Fabrica.

Assembly Funding

GSA Communication Design 4th years are raising funds for their degree show, and not only that, their fundraiser has a fancy ‘totaliser’, a bit like Blue Peter. You can see it below, and help push that green bar a little further, and in the process help make a fanastic degree show happen.

Busy Week


Next week is busy in Com Des. If you’re at all interested in DIY culture and independent practise, I can thoroughly recommend the Feral Studio event happening on Monday 9th Feb. Illustrators in particular may be interested in joining Malcy Duff’s afternoon workshop (sign up here). On Tuesday afternoon there is a special Com Des tour around the Drouth Exhibition with its creators, editors and designers, meet in the foyer at 4pm. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings it is the Masters and 4th Year Work in Progress shows and parties.

Like Service Design? Like Jam?


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