Grids – Basic Maths WordPress theme by Vince Khoi



On the subject of good grids, Vince Khoi’s new grid for WordPress is a breathe of fresh air in their ‘theme’ library. Vince is the Design Director for the

Basic Maths employs clear tagging, categories and multi-functional archiving – creating a more intuitive ‘contents page’. The short code function to reveal his base columns is a nice little typographic touch.

Wondering if our blog could pick up this theme??

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  • agree that this is an impressive grid addition to the wonderful world of themes – a link to the demo is here:

    as for changing the vis com blog theme – could be a contentious decision! but in true internet democracy style, lets leave it in the hands of the masses… what do others think? The trickiest bit might be getting $45 out of the department to pay for it.

    my thoughts: I find the current K2 theme more legible as Basic Maths runs several columns with the same hierarchy and text weighting parallel to each other, and for me not much stands out from anything else – K2 is in a design sense pretty basic, but the two columns with more differentiation between header and text works better for me, plus k2 is mighty flexible with its widgets and add ons (maybe basic math is too, not sure…) (and maybe if i’m being ultra honest, basic math is a little too ‘graphic design’ for my aesthetic tastes…) (and maybe this is misplaced loyalty to a trusty old theme…) (neil ponders wordpress themes into the night…) (people think neil should get a life….) (think that’s enough brackets: ed)

  • …one of the things I don’t particularly like about the long two column format is having to scroll down five pages worth of copy to get to login and categories …call me lazy, I give up down around ‘of interest’, ironically, even with mighty mouse.

    Agree $45 is a bit rich for a theme. Perhaps it’ll be free before long. Think Basic Maths has a comparable widget and add on flexibility.

    Any other suggestions on alternative grids?

  • I actually think that ‘Design Observer’ has suffered from it’s (relatively) recent re-design in a similar multi-column format. The new posts, which for me are the main reason to visit, seem lost.

    Admittedly, they are now the ‘Design Observer Group’ and have expanded their operations beyond a ‘mere’ design blog, and the re-design accommodates this, but it’s now much less of a daily ‘must check’ for me as a result.

    I await the flood of ‘basic math’ grafik design blogs …

  • Sorry, ‘its’ (relatively) …

  • agree re: scrollability. phaps we could search around for some different themes. It could make an interesting student project to either design or customise a theme for the blog – are there people out there who’d be interested? Brian, what are your thoughts on this, my knowledge of the technical area is a bit patchy to sat the least?

  • Really nice layout and great subject matter, very little else we need :D.

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