No Mean Streets and the Glasgow Reshuffle


No Mean Streets is a new social network that intends to encourage cycling, improve the attitudes of other motorists towards cyclists, and hopefully improve the proficiency for cycling in Glasgow. It has been set up as part of an arts project led by The New Social Art School, who will also be participating in the upcoming Glasgow Reshuffle at the Pierce Institute on Saturday the 5th of Febuary.


The Reshuffle is a free hands on event held at the Pearce Institute annually. It is an event to start the year on a positive note, get some people into a community centre and have them leave thinking they have seen something new that could be of interest to them.

Here’s a small selection of links to organisations participating this year:
Galgael Trust, Open Source Mapping, Unity, Burgh Angel, Gamesmonitor 2014, Documents Film Festival, Radical Independent Bookfair, Electron Club, Glasgow Social Centre, Sunny Govan Radio, Bridge Network

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