Political Colours

In an idle moment, and spurred on by Malcolm showing me a faux-letterpress pro-independence poster, I thought it might be interesting to look at the other design indicators currently being deployed by the two sides in the independence debate.

First up are the new year broadcasts by the ‘Better Together” campaign and the current Scottish Government.



Both deploy a fairly traditional set up, talking to camera, though Alec Salmond’s video is intercut with more footage. Alistair Darling is set up in the corner of (presumably) his living room, while Salmond has opted for a more evocative setting of an exhibition on Scottish history, presumably trying to promote a sense of trustworthy erudition, and the idea that Scottish folk invented everything, ever. The typography is unremarkable, Salmond opting for the system default ‘Verdana’, by Matthew Carter, and the Better Together campaign going for a passable though ultimately forgettable modern slab serif/sans combo.

But maybe we need to dig a little deeper. What better tool to do this than the Gaussian Blur function of Adobe Photoshop CS6. Passing these two images through a Gaussian filter set to 18.9 (18/9/2014 being the date of the referendum of course, such is the conceptual integrity of this post), we get the following results:



What is immediately apparent is that both deploy a little blue/white in the bottom right corners, though more striking is the fact that Darling’s slightly creepy green and red stocking/jesters hat still makes its presence felt, even through the Gaussian fog. Salmond looks like he is standing next to the very edge of a big Union Jack.

Finally this is what the images look like with the classic 50% opacity overlay, perhaps not better together.


Addendum: In other news, and in another project that I will probably never get round to doing, I’d like to make a new responsive Scottish web typeface in three weights: Devo, Devo-Max and Indy. This would be a web-only typeface that responds automatically to currently polling and adjusts its own weight. As per usual I don’t have the faintest idea how to achieve this technically, so any pointers welcome.

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