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Re-Brand hype

POW if you don’t know about me

POW better ask someone quickly

’cause POW!

(Re)Start the Week

The week has already started, but that doesn’t exclude you from listening to Start the Week: on the RCA, and Art and Design education in general. Contains some nonsense, some important insights, and some nostalgic whimsy.

Vis Com 12 Degree Show

Vis Com 12 is the website of this years graduating 4th year students. And representing as it does, a fantastically diverse body of works, has the most tags of any post on the vis-com blog ever.

Auto Italia LIVE

Sat 9th June 7pm: Auto Italia South East presents Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession, an artist-run Live TV show performed before a studio audience and broadcast over the internet.

via Institute of Contemporary Arts : Live : Auto Italia LIVE.

What makes a Masterpiece

In case you missed the start of the series on Channel 4

Link here>

Social Media, Public Space

This really interesting post; Tahrir Square: Social Media, Public Space (on Design Observer), looks at the parallel role of virtual and physical space in recent events in the Middle East. With #Jan25, #Bahrain and the like ‘trending’ on twitter, (not to mention the implication of Wikileaks earlier in the story), there’s much talk of this being a ‘communication’ revolution, but the article contextualises this nicely alongside some analysis of shared public spaces.


Really interesting idea continuing from The National Theatre. A production is simultaneously broadcast around the world, there’s one on 17th March directed by Danny Boyle. It will be on in Glasgow and The Hague so it will be like a time portal (or something) between everyone who is watching, ooooo. But also I am keen to see how it feels to be in a cinema and seeing a play, will seeing different camera view etc change how you absorb the play? For the better?

It’s certainly a hybrid and i’m intrigued.

D-Crit online lecture videos

Via, D-Crit lectures videos with Rick Poynor, “Curating ‘Uncanny: Surrealism and Graphic Design’”, Rob Giampietro, “On Design, Distribution, and Circulation”, David Reinfurt, “The First Rule is Always Production, Never Documentation. The Second Rule is There Are No Rules”, and more…

Alcoholics Anonymous

Yet another quick link to a great video resource on the AA website. As with so much, it’s via Manystuff.

Ways of Seeing

Ways of Seeing by John Berger is now available in full on UbuWeb. Thanks to GSA library for the tip-off.