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this is a fantastic resource that has a wealth of information on topics relevant to modern society and globalised culture.

“There’s already a lot of information on the Internet, so our goal is to cut through the noise and garbage, to present valuable information in a clear way, so it’s accessible, useful and easily digested. This still may not be an easy undertaking though, and we can understand that — especially considering the complexity and interconnectedness of the topics, as well as the crossing over of sources; but also for the fact that the information here can be incomplete, sometimes contradictory or even controversial. But this is the point. It’s all part of what we’re trying to do: provoke critical thinking, questioning… and doing.

We’ve fundamentally built this resource to inform and inspire action — and no, we’re not talking about clicking the stupid ‘Like’ button on Facebook, signing online petitions or letter writing — we mean informing and inspiring real-world action; taking this information away from the computer to rejuvenate the strong networks with the people around you in the real world, to discuss, plan, act. This is not a symbolic action or clicktivism website, nor is it a simple collection of popular content, like the other websites available. It’s a resource that aims to inform, inspire and provoke action; to generate a multitude of responses and reactions. This is just some of what is needed to break paradigms, subservience, acquiescence, and to cultivate inspiration to continue work on the plethora of puzzles and problems addressed in the information published here.”

adam curtis documentaries

Re-Brand hype

POW if you don’t know about me

POW better ask someone quickly

’cause POW!

Tumblr Dryer

I’ve added the links from Friday’s project briefing to the Com Des Tumblr, including this video profile of Karel Martens.

London Study Trip

1st Year Department of Visual Communication

London Study Trip
24-27 January 2011


VISIT / 10.00am
Company / Alex Swain
– An informal insight into business acumen combined with how to take a client on a creative journey.

VISIT / 11.30am
The Association of Illustrators / Paul Ryding
– There is very little former graduate Paul Ryding does not know about contemporary illustration.

VISIT / 1.00pm
Tomato / Michael Horsham
– An intimate sharing of large and small projects from one of the most influential agencies. There portfolio goes back to 1991 and are continuing to work with Underworld.

VISIT / 4.00pm
Pentagram / Jane Pluer
– One of the most impressive offices in the creative industries with a workshop to match. Imperious work delivered with style and elegance.


VISIT / 11.00am
Browns Design / Jonathan Ellery
– Jonathan engaged with the students immediately by asking how they defined art compared to design. Award winning work from a man who applauds the students form outside London including The Glasgow School of Art.

VISIT / 1.30pm
Field / Vera-Maria Glahn
– A German duo working with all the latest programming software and code to produce really beautiful ‘cross-media’ work. Cool rooftop garden with views over to the City of London.

VISIT / 4.30pm
Build / Nicky and Michael Place with former graduate Lynne Devine
– Michael allowed us to touch, feel and sniff the quality of his best design for print. Designers Republic guru happy to be working in a small agency with one of our best graduates.

Pentagram_Data Visualization

Elegant new data visualization from GE measures mid-market CFO confidence in the economic recovery.

Shadow Catchers

I am really excited about the Shadow Catchers Exhibition at the V&A from 13 October 2010 – 20 February 2011.


At Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire, England, Floris Neusüss reveals his preparations to make a picture without a camera – a ‘photogram’ – of the window that formed the subject of William Henry Fox Talbot’s first photographic negative, made there in 1835. In the Abbey’s grounds Neusüss also demonstrates the creation of ‘cyanotype’ photograms using fern leaves, recreating the methods of the very first photographs.

Floris Neusüss

Limited Liability

GmbH Shop is opening next friday, (vis com night out?), primarily an outlet for magazines and periodicals, and a great initiative. A great addition for Glasgow, alongside the lovely Aye Aye Books.


Lotus-detail2_Daan Roosegaarde-web2

Just bringing attention to Studio Roosegaarde who have some great projects on their website (which I love). The studio is a mix of engineers designers and artists headed by Daan Roosegaarde (plenty of vowels there). Soo feeaast yoouur eeyees oon thaat.


Definitely head over to the Glue Factory for MFA degree show, some great work in an unusual venue (which I gather wasn’t their original choice but there is some comments about that on their blog.) I haven’t been to the CCA yet for the other part but I’m interested to see the difference in the work between venues. I particularly liked Emily Donnini’s sound installation which had me walking round in circles to the amusement of the invigilator.

Anyway, second and hopefully less shallow post to follow…

Afternoon Map

Vis Commers love maps, it’s a FACT. Whole series on Dad friendly BBC4.

Picture 3

Frankfurt Schule


Sorry for gap of epic proportions between posts. Very good documentary from Melvin Bragg on In Our Time about the Frankfurt School of theorists which includes Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adorno. Well worth a listen.

Talk Notes

James Greig has kindly sent in a list of links from his talk a couple of weeks ago:


Marque Creative

Bureau for Visual Affairs


Inspiration (nsfw)

Броненосец Потёмкин

Battleship 03

On Sunday at Glasgow Concert Hall there is a performance of Eisenstein’s groundbreaking film Battleship Potempkin with a live orchestra accompaniment. I can’t see how it can go wrong, tickets only £6 for students, get them at the box office at the top of Buchanan Street. Do it!

Adressat Unbekannt


Just finished reading this really good, really short book told through a correspondence of letters between two men pre-WW2. I won’t say much more, just highly recommend it and also that you have a Special Brew, or other suitably strong drink, nearby for after. There is also a great radio 4 dramatisation which I can’t find online but have a copy on CD if anyone wants me to send it.

I’d be up for more sharing of good fiction on the blog as I find it hard to find books I really like and perhaps others feel the same?

Big Green Rectangle


Saw a lecture by Mark Owens on Thursday, who is Life of The Mind studio. The best thing he has done, I think and I’m sure he cares, is the Forms of Enquiry book. I would really recommend it, although I’ve had trouble finding another copy. Maybe Sam will let you read his. Bring white gloves.

New lectures at the Walker Channel


More lectures from this years ‘Insights’ lecture series. See below for list of speakers…
These lectures will be webcast live and archived on the Walker Channel (the first two are already uploaded)

March 10 Process Type Foundry, Minneapolis

March 17 David Reinfurt, New York (above!)

March 24 Experimental Jetset, Amsterdam

March 31 Ellen Lupton, Baltimore



This is a bit of old news, but definitely worth a look. Dutch graphic designers Experimental Jetset have updated their website. Here’s what they’ve got to say about it too. And here’s an interesting page, where they reveal why the unusual act of building scale models of their work is such an integral part to their design process.

iTunes U


A new(ish) service from Apple sets out to deliver free guest lectures from top schools around the world. There’s a whole range of subjects up there, but a channel that really stands out is the ‘Walker Art Centre: Architecture / Design’, with great lectures from Daniel Eatock, Stuart Bailey and David Reinfurt, Ed Fella and many more.

To access this stuff, open up iTunes and then go to, iTunes Store> iTunesU> Fine Arts> Graphic Design>

Or try this link.

Buchstabenmuseum, Berlin


Planning a trip to Berlin? I just received an email from a friend, recommending the Buchstabenmuseum (Type Museum), for some very very big examples of found lettering. You can read his blog post about it here, or see his Flickr pictures here.



Just back from the cinema having watched this documentary, and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a documentary about a school for the blind in Tibet, taking their students (some as young as 14!) on an exhibition (lead by Erik Weihenmayer – a blind mountaineer who climbed Everest a few years ago) up to a height of 21,000 ft in the Himalayas. You can still catch it tomorrow and on Tuesday at the GFT, but I think these are the only days it’s being shown.