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Editorial Bang


The following article, by Rick Poyner, may be of interest to anyone doing the ‘editorial’ brief in graphics at the moment.

“Bang’s startlingly unorthodox art direction raises questions about why mainstream women’s magazines look as they do, and about the manipulative view of their readers that these doggedly persistent publishing and design conventions so readily enshrine.”

Eyes Wide Open

I’m interested in the links between projects like Médor (link via Eric of OSP), and recent discussions in Scotland about independent investigative journalism. This was the subject of a really interesting discussion that Bella Caledonia hosted just prior to the referendum, and something that the Scottish Inquirer are, amongst others, looking to develop further. Peter Geohagan is also interesting to follow on these topics.

It’s sunny in Dundee mostly


Tentsmuir WW2 Coastal Defences

In the spirit of inter-institutional caring and sharing:


Preview: Thursday 27th March 7pm
Exhibition Open: Friday 28th March 12 – 4pm, Saturday 29th March 12 – 4pm

The White Room project space, Tin Roof Studios. 38-40 Bellfield Street
Dundee DD1 5JD

Presenting an exhibition of work created by 3rd year Illustration Students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

Come along to our show! It consists of hand printed posters and set designs for a series of imagined theatrical adaptations of plays exploring climate change, sustainability, urban planning and related social and political issues.

Exploring subjects such as:
Hydro Fracking, Gentrification, Micro-topias, Climate Activism, Nuclear waste disposal, Nuclear War, Social Housing, The melting ice caps, Surveillance, Community Gardening.

For more information please visit:

watching us

this is a fantastic resource that has a wealth of information on topics relevant to modern society and globalised culture.

“There’s already a lot of information on the Internet, so our goal is to cut through the noise and garbage, to present valuable information in a clear way, so it’s accessible, useful and easily digested. This still may not be an easy undertaking though, and we can understand that — especially considering the complexity and interconnectedness of the topics, as well as the crossing over of sources; but also for the fact that the information here can be incomplete, sometimes contradictory or even controversial. But this is the point. It’s all part of what we’re trying to do: provoke critical thinking, questioning… and doing.

We’ve fundamentally built this resource to inform and inspire action — and no, we’re not talking about clicking the stupid ‘Like’ button on Facebook, signing online petitions or letter writing — we mean informing and inspiring real-world action; taking this information away from the computer to rejuvenate the strong networks with the people around you in the real world, to discuss, plan, act. This is not a symbolic action or clicktivism website, nor is it a simple collection of popular content, like the other websites available. It’s a resource that aims to inform, inspire and provoke action; to generate a multitude of responses and reactions. This is just some of what is needed to break paradigms, subservience, acquiescence, and to cultivate inspiration to continue work on the plethora of puzzles and problems addressed in the information published here.”

adam curtis documentaries

Re-Brand hype

POW if you don’t know about me

POW better ask someone quickly

’cause POW!

Hall’s of Broxburn R.I.P.

Vis Com 12 Degree Show

Vis Com 12 is the website of this years graduating 4th year students. And representing as it does, a fantastically diverse body of works, has the most tags of any post on the vis-com blog ever.

Design, Democracy and Fairness

Vis Com People Sarah Fishlock (image above) and James Bettney are part of the Design and Democracy Exhibition which is currently running at the Scottish Parliament, and well worth visiting if you can.

In other exhibition news, David Kerr, fellow vis com person, is exhibiting his Tesco University work (see below) in this exhibition at the RCA, inspired by this lecture from the University of Strategic Optimism.

Charm Sadly Missing?

Interesting article in today’s Guardian about the new building for Central St Martins in London. While there’s a nice mention of the Mackintosh building, the most interesting bit (for me) is a comment from one of CSM’s current students (called Tuesday Rigby, no joke); “We’re worried that it’s lost its charm…”

Will be worth keeping an eye on how CSM’s shiny new premises affects its students and staff and understanding any issues that may be echoed in the new GSA building.

On Privacy, pt 1

Seeing as the Rapture didn’t occur on Saturday, you might want to tune in to Adam Curtis’s new series, ‘All Watched Over by Machines of Love and Grace‘ – What I hope will be an entertaining, insightful, and probably eclectic look at the politics, culture, society and technology we’re currently immersed in. All this on the back of a weekend where Twitter has been at the centre of a legal storm over privacy, and the geographical impotence of national laws has been tested, firstly by the aforementioned micro-blogging site (or rather the users of) and secondly by a shrewd Scottish Newspaper.

Conflating the issues of ‘freedom of speech’ here with the widely reported use of Twitter and other social media sites in the Arab-Spring would devalue the latter and elevate the former, but they possibly feature somewhere on the same spectrum.

Meanwhile, closer to home, super-injunctions at GSA prevent me from telling you that the Head of ———– was recently seen ——— a ——— with a learning outcome.

Social Media, Public Space

This really interesting post; Tahrir Square: Social Media, Public Space (on Design Observer), looks at the parallel role of virtual and physical space in recent events in the Middle East. With #Jan25, #Bahrain and the like ‘trending’ on twitter, (not to mention the implication of Wikileaks earlier in the story), there’s much talk of this being a ‘communication’ revolution, but the article contextualises this nicely alongside some analysis of shared public spaces.

Happy 90th Birthday Ronald Searle

Happy Birthday to Ronald Searle illustrator!

Central Station: a community

Central Station, (a community for art, film and design), launches (in beta, but aren’t we all) today. Log-on, look around, sign-up, tune-out. GSA Visual Communication is on there, so you could even become friends with the course.

WWIII Propaganda

Parody and/or pastiche I know, but Loose Tweets Sink Fleets appeals for its topicality (real word?) in light of the facebook going-ons of the soon-to-be new head of MI6 .

Zen Bound

Zen Bound has won several game design awards for it’s graphics for the iPhone. The game is not competitive and has no goal to achieve. It simply is wrapping virtual string around a wooden sculpture. Kind of pointless when you can play with real string. The actual activity is intended to be a contemplative act and I guess impress folks sitting next to you with the graphics on your iPhone as well. Bit of fun.