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Weaving Type


Com Des 2015 graduate Ruth Kirkby will be showing new work produced as part of her residency at The Caseroom SWG3 on the theme of weaving and typography. The show is at the new Glasgow Society opening 7pm Thurs 24 March.


26th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2014


Over a year ago, I went to this. It was fantastic – in both the quality of work showcased and the intellectual reach of the events. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to write up my notes, but you can follow the general goings on here. If you prefer to experience things through the medium of ambient field recordings, you can access that below.


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 06.40.14

Assembly comes to London this weekend. With an exhibition of all graduating students, talks that bear a passing resemblance to Pecha Kucha, and as yet unspecified amounts of beer, it promises to be reasonably good. Please spread to the word, and hope to see you there.


The MDes Communication Design Interim Show, presents a multicultural and multidisciplinary group hailing from Canada, China, France, Scotland, Italy, Taiwan, Norway and the Basque Country. Displaying work from across different mediums, print to digital, and a multitude of thematic directions, they are all brought together by finding themselves in Glasgow.

New Glasgow Society, 1307 Argyle Street
Facebook Event
May 29th – May 31st (Opening Party May 29th 6pm)
Opening Hours: Fri: 6pm-11pm, Sat&Sun: 12-5pm



The Year 2 Communication Design students at the Glasgow School of Art invite you to their end of year exhibition – Liquidation. A mêlée of artistic interest and merriment for one night only on Thursday 14th of May starting at 7.

Sponsored by CASS ART / Music from Bake (All Caps) 9pm-1am. More info here.

Critical Practise

If you’re in the Netherlands before the 18 Jan 2015, this exhibition (reported in Eye) exploring the work of Jan Van Toorn would be worth seeking out. I’m intrigued by the structural attempt to create a ‘taxonomy of practise’, (and have reservations about this type of way of viewing design), but it will no doubt be a useful prompt to some more nuanced discussions.



The Plinth is a living room gallery set up by GSA students and graduates Hamish Chapman, Freya Fullarton and Charlotte Fountaine. Anyone is free to have an exhibition on The Plinth, see the website for submission information. Exhibitions run for one week, and are published online and in the quarterly publication. So far there have been 19 exhibitions, and all past exhibitions can be viewed at Have a nosey at for more visual delights.

Image: Antra Svarcs


Singapore is a unique blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian culture. This permeates to the local language commonly known as Singlish. Although often viewed negatively as an incorrect use of English, it is one of the most authentic and genuine facts of Singapore. Singlish is built upon the subtle nuances of the Singaporean personality and reflects the daily life in the country.

One of my favourites /

talk cock [ cock]
1 To talk rubbish, spout nonsense, make an unfounded statement.
2 To engage in casual banter, chit-chat or small talk.
“Roger Federer lost in the first round at Wimbledon? Don’t talk cock lah.”
“Sorry I’m late. I met Jack at the coffee shop and was talking cock with him for a while.”

As we wave off 66 ComDes GSA Singaporeans, I would like to thank them for their charming good humour and humility over the past three weeks. They have brought a smile to all of our faces here at GSA after what has been a turbulent time for everyone. I would also like to thank the student ambassadors for their patience and unrelenting support – take a bow Penuel Smith Yr1, Jessica Taylor Yr3, Calum Douglas Yr3, Trudi Hannah Yr2, Dawn McCance Yr3, Roisin McAuley Yr2, Fiona Hunter Yr2, Ross Galloway Yr1, Juliette Duffy Yr1 and Sam Walker Yr3. A final group hug for Kim, Emma, Stuart, Jo, Moira, Cherylann, Stephen, Irene (for being so accommodating in The Haldane), Tiernan, Lynne, Craig, Megan, Michael and Ross.

A final mention for the YELLOW group who asked to donate all the one pence pieces from their installation towards the Glasgow School of Art fire appeal. A touching gesture from KJ, Leonard, Melissa, Wilson, Christine, Jiaxin, Georgina and Joshua.

See the GSA Singapore group blogs HERE.

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With Us


Come join 2nd Year Com Des for an end of year exhibition at the Old Hairdressers, opposite Stereo, in Glasgow, in Scotland, at 6pm on Monday 12th May.

Duel Control: Designs of the Year

This review by Peter Maxwell, gives a good overview of the current Design of the Year competition/exhibition running at the Design Museum London, highlighting both the inherent daftness of the premise of the award, but the interesting way a show like this can profile an engaging cross-section of contemporary design work.

It’s sunny in Dundee mostly


Tentsmuir WW2 Coastal Defences

In the spirit of inter-institutional caring and sharing:


Preview: Thursday 27th March 7pm
Exhibition Open: Friday 28th March 12 – 4pm, Saturday 29th March 12 – 4pm

The White Room project space, Tin Roof Studios. 38-40 Bellfield Street
Dundee DD1 5JD

Presenting an exhibition of work created by 3rd year Illustration Students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

Come along to our show! It consists of hand printed posters and set designs for a series of imagined theatrical adaptations of plays exploring climate change, sustainability, urban planning and related social and political issues.

Exploring subjects such as:
Hydro Fracking, Gentrification, Micro-topias, Climate Activism, Nuclear waste disposal, Nuclear War, Social Housing, The melting ice caps, Surveillance, Community Gardening.

For more information please visit:

Super Signs

Super Signs, by Vis-com-des person Gabriella DiTano, opens at the Arches on thursday evening.

26th Brno Biennial 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 22.18.59

This may be of interest to anyone who created work while at art school between 1 Jan 2010 and Dec 2013.

When Nothing is Sure


GSA vis-com-des person Jingjing Shen is taking part in this forthcoming London exhibition. Private View 9th Jan, all welcome.

Prix Pictet / Consumption


Mishka Henner
Levellan Oil Field, Hockley County, Texas

The Prix Pictet shortlist has been announced. This year’s theme is ‘Consumption’.
You can view the shortlist here. You can view more of Mishka Henner’s work here.

The winner will be announced on 21 May 2014 at the opening of an exhibition of works by the shortlisted artists at the V&A. The exhibition will run from 22 May – 14 June 2014.



Forthcoming: Viscomdes people Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte and Claire Maxwell feature in this upcoming exhibition at Street Level Photoworks. Opening night is on the 14th of November, Thursday, from 7pm. Refreshments and that.

Waiting for Google, and other Stories

Preview: Stuart White - Waiting for Google

Viscomdes people in action: Tonight the excellent Waiting for Google by Stuart White opens at the Lighthouse, (and if you believe in Glasgow miracles you could also pop over to Tramway to take in Lucy Skaers* new show ‘Exit, Voice and Loyalty‘ which looks very interesting). Rebecca Davies Beau Belles Ice Cream Van draws to a close, and Danielle Sambo is taking part in the Social, a month of photography in Sunderland and North East England.

* Not a viscomdes person.

Image: Stuart White

Hex Appeal


Hex Appeal, an exhibition by viscomdes people Alexandra Lunn, Charlotte Fountaine, Jasper Fitzgerald, Melanie Hyams, Nayan Patel and Sarah Bethan Jones, opens on Monday 21st Oct, 7pm at The Art School. Come one, come all.

Art Space Knowingly Inverts W to Make M

Friend of Vis-com-des, Ciara Phillips, exhibits at The Show Room, London. If you’re in London, go.

There will be new rules next week


Last few weeks to see this interesting exhibition, featuring the work of Sister Corita Kent, and responses by 5 artists, at Dundee Contemporary Arts. With friend of GSA viscomdes, Ciara Philips.