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  • Lorraine Marshalsey

    Hi Neil – hope you are well? Can you please add me as one of the GSA Vis Com Des people? Thank you! Lorraine

  • Hello,

    My name is Mollie Claasen and previously this year I created a life size human sculpture made entirely out of train tickets, part of my art foundation course at UCA Farnham, you may or may not have seen the odd thing on twitter.

    Seeing as there are over 3 million train journeys every day which is quite a lot of tickets. I have used trains as my main transport for over three years of my life I had collected a large amount of tickets, along with some donated from friends and family. The idea came from a small project with the title ‘Traces’, as the traces of someone’s identity on a journey. My work developed into another project named ‘Person’ and seeing as I had made the torso and the legs it felt right to complete the work. Once finished the piece took part in the ‘Futurity’ exhibition in the James Hockey at UCA Farnham, where it was titled 15:32, representing all the people travelling at that time.

    On September 1st I am planing on taking it up to London with the hope of travelling around on the tube going on as many lines as possible as well as taking it to the major stations in London. I am hoping to get pictures of my work in everyday life scenes of people commuting to work, tourists and people who live and work in the city as well as people come up for a day trip. I would like my work to go almost unnoticed as if it was just a person waiting for a train to arrive, as well, I would like the piece to evoke a sense of time passing and allows the viewer to consider daily routines and their lack of identity within them. – This was an interview with Solent News Now which took part earlier this week to help gain publicity and so that I could portray the ideas of how my piece should be viewed towards the public.

    Look out on twitter on Monday 1st, @1532Train and #waitingforatrain
    It would be great to gain your support throughout my trip!

    All the Best,

  • It would have been good to see an image of the sculpture Mollie.


  • Excellent composition, imagery and use of typography in the showcase – well done!

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