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Little Libraries

Little Libraries and Tactical Urbanism on Design Observer is a really interesting article mulling over the recent past of small independent ‘library’ initiatives, the library as institution, and the varying roles these play in ‘information culture’.

“Libraries are about much more, of course; they exist not simply to store and provide access to information. Advocates argue that libraries continue to serve crucial civic and social functions, and their tenacious faith is reinforced by a flurry of recent street-level library activity. The last few years have seen the emergence of myriad mini, pop-up, guerilla and ad-hoc libraries, which are part of the phenomenon that Mimi Zeiger, in her Interventionist’s Toolkit series for this journal, calls “provisional, opportunistic, ubiquitous, and odd tactics in guerilla and DIY practice and urbanism” — to which I might add, librarianship.”

Image: Reanimation Library, Brooklyn.

The Serving Library

The Serving Library is online, and the first edition is out in print. Making the articles available online as PDF’s, and by print then post distribution, in parallel, (and with an online document of those recently ‘served‘) questions are raised about the false dichotomy of analogue vs digital. On a purely practical level, students (or others) with zero budget (but a functioning network connection) can download and read/print some very interesting design/art/media documents. Below is a beautiful picture of me interacting with the Serving Library through the arcane/bizarre/logical aesthetic and anti-perspective quandry that is iBooks.

More on the Serving Library statement of intent here.

The Unbound Book

Loads of interesting reports now online from the Unbound Book conference. Some in Dutch, some in English. Dare-say video’s may follow.

The Unbound Book

The (Unbound) Book is a Conference. It relates, in a way that almost seems planned by some higher being, to the current Book Value project.


GSA’s second most prolific bloggers have launched a great new blog with the distinct theme of the Treasures of GSA Library, to highlight the special and rare book collections.