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ADCAN winners

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Congratulation to ADCAN 2015 first place winners – Nichamon Kittisimanont and Finn Arschavir, Y4 Illustration and Graphics, with The Rucksack Project.


The MDes Communication Design Interim Show, presents a multicultural and multidisciplinary group hailing from Canada, China, France, Scotland, Italy, Taiwan, Norway and the Basque Country. Displaying work from across different mediums, print to digital, and a multitude of thematic directions, they are all brought together by finding themselves in Glasgow.

New Glasgow Society, 1307 Argyle Street
Facebook Event
May 29th – May 31st (Opening Party May 29th 6pm)
Opening Hours: Fri: 6pm-11pm, Sat&Sun: 12-5pm



The Year 2 Communication Design students at the Glasgow School of Art invite you to their end of year exhibition – Liquidation. A mêlée of artistic interest and merriment for one night only on Thursday 14th of May starting at 7.

Sponsored by CASS ART / Music from Bake (All Caps) 9pm-1am. More info here.

3rd yr Illustration Sale

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The 3rd yr Illustration Sale, is happening this week, on Friday 24th April. A great chance to buy some great work for a great cause.

Takes place in the Reid Building foyer and Aye-Aye books at the CCA, between 10am and 5pm.

Assembly Funding

GSA Communication Design 4th years are raising funds for their degree show, and not only that, their fundraiser has a fancy ‘totaliser’, a bit like Blue Peter. You can see it below, and help push that green bar a little further, and in the process help make a fanastic degree show happen.

Kirstin Kerr

Great to see the work of viscomdes person Kirstin Kerr featured on Grafik, with some great images, and interesting back-stories to some of the projects.


Singapore is a unique blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian culture. This permeates to the local language commonly known as Singlish. Although often viewed negatively as an incorrect use of English, it is one of the most authentic and genuine facts of Singapore. Singlish is built upon the subtle nuances of the Singaporean personality and reflects the daily life in the country.

One of my favourites /

talk cock [ cock]
1 To talk rubbish, spout nonsense, make an unfounded statement.
2 To engage in casual banter, chit-chat or small talk.
“Roger Federer lost in the first round at Wimbledon? Don’t talk cock lah.”
“Sorry I’m late. I met Jack at the coffee shop and was talking cock with him for a while.”

As we wave off 66 ComDes GSA Singaporeans, I would like to thank them for their charming good humour and humility over the past three weeks. They have brought a smile to all of our faces here at GSA after what has been a turbulent time for everyone. I would also like to thank the student ambassadors for their patience and unrelenting support – take a bow Penuel Smith Yr1, Jessica Taylor Yr3, Calum Douglas Yr3, Trudi Hannah Yr2, Dawn McCance Yr3, Roisin McAuley Yr2, Fiona Hunter Yr2, Ross Galloway Yr1, Juliette Duffy Yr1 and Sam Walker Yr3. A final group hug for Kim, Emma, Stuart, Jo, Moira, Cherylann, Stephen, Irene (for being so accommodating in The Haldane), Tiernan, Lynne, Craig, Megan, Michael and Ross.

A final mention for the YELLOW group who asked to donate all the one pence pieces from their installation towards the Glasgow School of Art fire appeal. A touching gesture from KJ, Leonard, Melissa, Wilson, Christine, Jiaxin, Georgina and Joshua.

See the GSA Singapore group blogs HERE.

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With Us


Come join 2nd Year Com Des for an end of year exhibition at the Old Hairdressers, opposite Stereo, in Glasgow, in Scotland, at 6pm on Monday 12th May.

It’s sunny in Dundee mostly


Tentsmuir WW2 Coastal Defences

In the spirit of inter-institutional caring and sharing:


Preview: Thursday 27th March 7pm
Exhibition Open: Friday 28th March 12 – 4pm, Saturday 29th March 12 – 4pm

The White Room project space, Tin Roof Studios. 38-40 Bellfield Street
Dundee DD1 5JD

Presenting an exhibition of work created by 3rd year Illustration Students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

Come along to our show! It consists of hand printed posters and set designs for a series of imagined theatrical adaptations of plays exploring climate change, sustainability, urban planning and related social and political issues.

Exploring subjects such as:
Hydro Fracking, Gentrification, Micro-topias, Climate Activism, Nuclear waste disposal, Nuclear War, Social Housing, The melting ice caps, Surveillance, Community Gardening.

For more information please visit:

“…Creates a Parallel World, the World in Which it is True.”

Glasgow School of Art, design building on Vimeo. Quick 1-week investigative project for students returning to a new building.

N.B. Casually gazing into a void the other day, thoughts turned to Jonathan Meades Getting High on Ralph Erskines ‘The Ark‘, Hammersmith. Watch the full programme on MeadesShrine.


Please note that the time of this 4th year degree show fundraising event has changed to 11:30 pm. Bands are great. DJ’s till late.




GSA Com Des 14

Follow the activities of this years 4th years, on tumblr, via that link there. News of new projects, fundraising, work-in-progress shows and more, to follow…

Hex Appeal


Hex Appeal, an exhibition by viscomdes people Alexandra Lunn, Charlotte Fountaine, Jasper Fitzgerald, Melanie Hyams, Nayan Patel and Sarah Bethan Jones, opens on Monday 21st Oct, 7pm at The Art School. Come one, come all.

Glasgow seen through Singaporean eyes

The following selection of Glasgow observations featured in the research journals produced by Singapore students. They were asked to document and reflect on the ideas they had been working with during the Overseas Immersion Programme.

Event, not dissimilar to Pecha Kucha

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our degree show tour to Shoreditch Town Hall. If you missed the exhibition there are a few pictures below – the work really took on a new life in the space and it was great to see it in a differnet context to the GSA studios, and was put up (and taken down) in record time. And if you missed the friday night event, (of which Time Out said “bore startling similarities to Pecha Kucha … totally getmashup!”) some images are also below, plus there’s a recording of James Greig’s talk here: On falling out of love with being a graphic designer and falling in love with bikes. So thanks again on both fronts – for a diverse and engaging exhibition, and with talks ranging from hinges and lenses, to Arsenal footballers, to human beings on bikes, to arts funding, to death, to zines, to car dashboards, the event was all in all a great end to a great year, and a reminder of why GSA Com Des is the home of rampant eclecticism™, and all the better for it.

(Heartattack and) Vine:

More Info

More info on the rebrand project the students association are undertaking, can be found here. The brief is open to students and alumni.

Communication Design 2013 Website

Communication Design 2013 website is now live live live.

Image: work by Jessie Wang

Exhibition Opening


In my new role as self-appointed events organiser I feel that I should take this opportunity to advertise some upcoming events.

Firstly, Myself and Lydia Brownlee are having a ‘partial book launch’ in Aye-Aye books at the CCA this friday, at 6pm.

Secondly, I’m doing something midway between Djing and holding a record sale at The Art School Union this Saturday, 8 – 12.

And finally, comrade Kieran Startup and myself are hosting a table tennis tournament, incorporating the first iteration of a live projection installation that we’ve been working on, at Good Press in Mono on Thursday the 2nd of May at 8pm.

That is all.


The WIP Show, or Work in Progress Show to give it its full title, is an exhibition by 4th year students, showing current projects and prototyping new work.

Opening, 31st January: 7 – 11pm / 68 Miller Street
(Also open until Feb 3rd)