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FontCast from fontshop offers some bite-sized video interviews with eminent typographers and designers of the day.

Marcus Fairs and Green Design

This podcast of a talk by Marcus Fairs (former editor of icon magazine) deals with the thorny and difficult to negotiate territory of ‘green’ design. I recall seeing him speak a few years ago, advocating (in a slightly tongue-in-cheek way) what he termed ‘neroism‘ – that we’re in such a bad way we may as well ‘fiddle whilst rome burns’…

This happened

‘This happened’ talks are another good addition to the long list of design resources becoming available online. At this rate, you’ll be able to do a DIY Masters

Build Talks

Now available from the Design Event 09 website, a talk with Michael C Place in discussion with Adrian Shaughnessy.

Graphic Design on the Radio






Graphic Design on the Radio, aswell as being broadcast on Resonance FM, is now available as (a partial) audio archive of past interviews. Interviewees include Stefan Sagmeister, Kim Hiorthoy, and Rick Poyner, and it’s hosted by Adrian Shaughnessy.