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Rebecca Davies talk and workshop

Workshop: Rebecca will be leading a one day workshop on Wednesday 26th November. The workshop is open to all year groups across Comm Des. Numbers are limited to 20 places, Booking is essential, reserve a place here.

Talk: Rebecca will be talking about her practice and recent projects, *Update* Now to be held Thursday 27th, 4.30pm, Reid Lecture Theatre, Peter Reid Building, GSA. All welcome!

Rebecca Davies is an illustrator, performer and event organizer who has a deeply participatory practice. Her work centres around themes of ‘people and place’, exploring changes in heritage and how people’s surroundings, in constant flux, affect our communities.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2010, she has developed and directed a number of large scale participatory projects including Studio at the Elephant, transforming a unit in the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre into a programmed arts studio and event space. This project has since developed into The Peoples Bureau funded by Tate Modern. From 2012-2014 Rebecca travelled the UK in The Beau Belles Ice Cream Van, a project funded by Arts Council England and produced by Artsadmin. This project explored ‘how we come together’ and celebrated the social rituals and traditions across the UK . Her most recent project has been selected to open the Mons Capital of Culture 2015.

It’s sunny in Dundee mostly


Tentsmuir WW2 Coastal Defences

In the spirit of inter-institutional caring and sharing:


Preview: Thursday 27th March 7pm
Exhibition Open: Friday 28th March 12 – 4pm, Saturday 29th March 12 – 4pm

The White Room project space, Tin Roof Studios. 38-40 Bellfield Street
Dundee DD1 5JD

Presenting an exhibition of work created by 3rd year Illustration Students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

Come along to our show! It consists of hand printed posters and set designs for a series of imagined theatrical adaptations of plays exploring climate change, sustainability, urban planning and related social and political issues.

Exploring subjects such as:
Hydro Fracking, Gentrification, Micro-topias, Climate Activism, Nuclear waste disposal, Nuclear War, Social Housing, The melting ice caps, Surveillance, Community Gardening.

For more information please visit:

Re-Brand hype

POW if you don’t know about me

POW better ask someone quickly

’cause POW!

A Feral Studio: Additional Information


Image: Emlyn Firth

Thanks to Nick, Lizzie, Floris and Malcolm (pictured, as drone) for a fantastic series of talks last night, and a great workshop – If you have research material you gathered, please do upload it to the tumblr.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the emergent architectural forms of Google Dominion, you can read one of Momus’s blog posts about it here. I can also recommend reading up on Heterofascist Park if you want to know which young Scottish architects are going to be forging a new nation in the event of Independence happening.

Thanks too, to Seb and Sophie for the lovely new Feral Studio website.

via #AFS03 – A Feral Studio.

Artschool/UK weekend workshop

“I think this is the most interesting thing I’ve ever done…”

(Christopher Mayhew, member of parliament from1945-1950 and 1951-1974 on ingesting the cactus ingredient called mescaline)

via (8) Artschool/UK weekend workshop.

This is Visual Thinking

The Muppets, Henson and Sesame Street are covered in an interesting article in the latest Bulletin of the Serving Library.

Failed Report

“Field Studies is a four-day summer-school led by three acclaimed sound artists and composers. It explores the possibilities of engaging with places through listening, and working with recorded sound as a creative and practical tool in the context of architecture, the city and art practice.”

The course was organised by Musarc and led by Joseph Kohlmaier who edited Human Space by O.F. Bollnow on Hyphen Press. Three workshops were tutored by artist Brandon Labelle, field recordist Lee Patterson and artist Davide Tidoni. There were also talks from John Dack on Pierre Schaeffer and musique concrète, Soundfjord‘s co-founder Helen Frosi and sound artist Christina Kubisch.

Clockwise from top left, reconstructed overheard conversations, fishing for sounds using DIY hydrophone and the shoe-less Davide Tidoni discusses exploring space with radio static.

I didn’t manage to get the obligatory photo of artists/designers on laptops around trestle tables, it did happen though!

In Christina Kubisch’s talk, she showed films of her electromagnetic induction headphones in action. They pick up electromagnetic fields from electrical devices and convert them into sound using something like this. Reminded me of the sunglasses scene from They Live.

Vis Com 12 Degree Show

Vis Com 12 is the website of this years graduating 4th year students. And representing as it does, a fantastically diverse body of works, has the most tags of any post on the vis-com blog ever.

Yr1 ComDes Study Trip to London

Tuesday 24th January

APFEL (A Practice for Everyday Life)
Contact / Emma Thomas  t 020 7739 9975

Former RCA students producing intelligent graphic design from a small but perfectly formed studio in Bethnal Green. Best quote of the week “We would never want to get too big that we wouldn’t be able to sit around one table”. Check out an article about them in Elephant Magazine Issue 9 (available from Analogue Books ).
APFEL can be found HERE
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Contact / Gail Armstrong  t 020 8291 9153

Busy former GSA student producing intricate paper illustrations for a varied London and American client base. A great example of how to maintain a thriving creative life, be a mother and a Photoshop guru.
Check out Gail’s work HERE
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Contact / Ulla  t 020 7739 7765

Great to catch up with Dan Williams and a few old friends at this vibrant illustration studio. Great advice and insight from Paul Davis who let us see a sample of his published work. Former GSA student Emma Houlston was also generous with her advice for shaping a career after graduating.
See Emma’s work HERE
Check out Paul Davis HERE
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wednesday 25th January

Contact / David Bennett  t 020 7729 6295

Multi award winning design agency welcomed GSA for an hour of shared thoughts and ideas. Pleased to see that they fill a wall in their board room with inspiration (Post-it notes, ephemera, colour printouts, drawings and scribbles) to assist idea generation for each project. Their philosophy is to involve the client as early as possible in the design process – a blend of inspiring and interrogating them – asking who, what, why and when.
Check out some of their studio work HERE
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Contact / Alex Woolley or Jess Harvey  t 020 7689 4625

Alex and Jess are younger designers at The Partners and took us on a creative journey through their favourite projects. Each team works with an ideas book or sketchbook before any refinement of a concept on the Mac. This approach means that the designers are less precious about the work and allows them to reflect on the qualities of communication and meaning.
Check out the award winning work HERE
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Little White Lies Magazine
Contact / Matt Bochenski  t 020 7729 3675

Thanks to Matt, Willo and Adam who gave us a unique insight into the ‘architecture’ of LWLies covering every aspect of its production. For students in the first year of a four year progression, this was invaluable. It was useful to see how they constructed their typefaces, the programmes used and where the inspiration comes from. Read some more HERE
GSA students might be interested in a LWLies creative brief HERE – great opportunity to work on a ‘real’ project.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


The arrow and the frame on Click Opera manages to touch on a whole range of topics relevant to current projects; Banking, currency, wild knowledge, art archive, not to mention an interesting reflection on Google adwords. And not only does it contain some very interesting thoughts in the continued thread of good and useful arguments against ternary or binary thinking, but it is also awash with great hyperlinks.

While on the topic, big thanks to Anja and Chris for their currency workshop earlier in the week. There are some pictures below, and a link to Anja and Chris’s bookmarks on the topic here.

Sagmeister Talk @ Flash on the Beach 2010

Stefan Sagmeister – FOTB2010 from flashonthebeach on Vimeo.

Stefan Sagmeister on his latest sabbatical in Bali.

ZINE FAIR at The FH 57

News of a great looking ZINE FAIR at the Free Hetherington.

London Study Trip

1st Year Department of Visual Communication

London Study Trip
24-27 January 2011


VISIT / 10.00am
Company / Alex Swain
– An informal insight into business acumen combined with how to take a client on a creative journey.

VISIT / 11.30am
The Association of Illustrators / Paul Ryding
– There is very little former graduate Paul Ryding does not know about contemporary illustration.

VISIT / 1.00pm
Tomato / Michael Horsham
– An intimate sharing of large and small projects from one of the most influential agencies. There portfolio goes back to 1991 and are continuing to work with Underworld.

VISIT / 4.00pm
Pentagram / Jane Pluer
– One of the most impressive offices in the creative industries with a workshop to match. Imperious work delivered with style and elegance.


VISIT / 11.00am
Browns Design / Jonathan Ellery
– Jonathan engaged with the students immediately by asking how they defined art compared to design. Award winning work from a man who applauds the students form outside London including The Glasgow School of Art.

VISIT / 1.30pm
Field / Vera-Maria Glahn
– A German duo working with all the latest programming software and code to produce really beautiful ‘cross-media’ work. Cool rooftop garden with views over to the City of London.

VISIT / 4.30pm
Build / Nicky and Michael Place with former graduate Lynne Devine
– Michael allowed us to touch, feel and sniff the quality of his best design for print. Designers Republic guru happy to be working in a small agency with one of our best graduates.

Big Ideas (Don’t Have Any) [sic]

Russell Davies on the tyranny of the big idea.

Video: Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any), by James Houston.

Shadow Catchers

I am really excited about the Shadow Catchers Exhibition at the V&A from 13 October 2010 – 20 February 2011.


At Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire, England, Floris Neusüss reveals his preparations to make a picture without a camera – a ‘photogram’ – of the window that formed the subject of William Henry Fox Talbot’s first photographic negative, made there in 1835. In the Abbey’s grounds Neusüss also demonstrates the creation of ‘cyanotype’ photograms using fern leaves, recreating the methods of the very first photographs.

Floris Neusüss

Broken Imaginations


In what appears to be a mass collective failure of imagination the rash of designer world-cup wallcharts is now upon us. At least this one is for a relevant charity, rather than just self-promotion.