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Assembly comes to London this weekend. With an exhibition of all graduating students, talks that bear a passing resemblance to Pecha Kucha, and as yet unspecified amounts of beer, it promises to be reasonably good. Please spread to the word, and hope to see you there.

Degree Show 2015


Degree Show 2015 is currently on in Glasgow, until Sunday 21 June, and comes to London (Blackall Studios) on the 27—29 June. Great to see you (yes, you) at either.

Assembly Funding

GSA Communication Design 4th years are raising funds for their degree show, and not only that, their fundraiser has a fancy ‘totaliser’, a bit like Blue Peter. You can see it below, and help push that green bar a little further, and in the process help make a fanastic degree show happen.


GSA COMDES  Degree Show 2014

GSA COM DES Degree Show 2014 will come to you. If you’re in London. On the 26/27/28 June. Amazing Pecha Kucha on Friday 27th with speakers including; Hamish Muir, David Pearson, Tomas Leach, Michael Sacco, Alice Rooney, Cliff Andrade and more. Please circulate.

Form and Function

Information: Information for all students here. Buildings to remain closed until 30th May, please read link in full for comprehensive information.

Thankyou: It’s difficult to comprehend what happened yesterday. In the first instance we need to thank the staff and students of the Mackintosh building, who evacuated the building safely and tackled the blaze in the first instance, and the firefighters who brought the blaze under control, remarkably emerging with a building that is “90% structurally viable”.

The loss of artworks of graduating students and rooms of historical significance is terrible, and it’s been amazing to see the support coming in from people throughout the world. And the reason people have such strong feelings about the Art School is that it has currency.

If the Mackintosh Building had the same architectural form, but it’s function had been something other than an art school, it would not be regarded in the same way it is today. It is a form that is completed by its function, where it’s raison d’être is to support the making, experimentation, and reflection that goes on inside it. Its cultural impact and influence, and the pleasure it brings people, is a direct result of this powerful combination.

It is a building that has, throughout its history, been used, wholeheartedly, by its inhabitants. The Art School will undoubtedly recover from this, on the back of all the friends and all the support it has, from around the world – and in the short term our work should be about supporting this graduating year in whatever they want to do to mark their time at GSA. Thanks to everyone for their support.


Support the Com Des degree show fundraising efforts via Kickstarter. If you prefer analogue fundraising, there are also cake bakes and jumble sales in progress, keep an eye out for posters.

Communication Design 2013 Website

Communication Design 2013 website is now live live live.

Image: work by Jessie Wang

Degree Show Cometh

Fancy embed, coming up. Show opening times here, and design is at the skylark campus.

Degree Show Fundraising

There is a Kickstarter now set up to raise funds for this years Com Des degree show. There are a number of Com-Des pieces of work on offer, plus the added feel-good factor of supporting a good thing.

(Due to a seemingly innocuous, yet ultimately catastrophic resolution to not look at the internet as much and to ‘get out more’, I failed to notice that Michael has already posted this story earlier. I’m going to leave it here though, as a warning to others, that if you take your eye off the internet for a moment, bad things can happen).

As It Is

Post VisComDes degree show ideas to the tumblr, watch them amass before your eyes.

Shock of the New-ish

New Aesthetic, New Anxieties is the outcome of a book-sprint organised by V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media. (downloadable as either pdf or e-book from that link there). It explores and expands upon the concept of the ‘New Aesthetic’, as coined by James Bridle in 2011. We’ve touched on this before, in terms of both the idea and some critical comment on it. Thanks to Michelle for the link.

Nice/Critical Writing


This site contains Critical Writing in Art and Design by students on the Critical Writing postgraduate programme at the Royal College of Art. I went to the RCA degree show this year and was very impressed with the work of this particular course. As I was looking through their publications I noticed Rick Poyner was standing next to me. I’ve yet to see a post on Design Observer about how he was standing next to me, but suspect he’s still editing it. I’d been meaning to write a quick summary of the trip and the show, but it has evaded me. However it was nice to see the work of VisComDes people Stuart White and Sandy McInnes, who both graduated this year from the RCA Visual Communication masters course with some excellent work. (Creative Review review here).

Glasgow and Goldsmiths

Vis-Com-Des person Gabriella DiTano features in today’s Graduate art in pictures feature about Glasgow and Goldsmiths in the Guardian. Here she is, running at speed, and at altitude, towards her work. Gabby recently won the Deutsche Bank prize to develop her Design and Print business, ‘Risotto‘.

Vis Com 12 Degree Show

Vis Com 12 is the website of this years graduating 4th year students. And representing as it does, a fantastically diverse body of works, has the most tags of any post on the vis-com blog ever.

Then When

if not now

IF NOT NOW will broadcast live from the RCA degree show, 24hrs a day we’re told.

Call for Education

Can you remember if you graduated this year? Then you might be interested in this call for submissions.

Degree Show Side Effects

From here.

Degree Show

To those of you studying at (or former students of) GSA, it’ll be self-evident that degree show opens this week, and runs for the next week, till Sat. Opening times here. For any external audience, please feel free to come and have a look round this final degree show in the Foulis building.

Looking forward to Friday’s opening, the forecast looks bleak, but viewers may be relieved to know that the relative humidity is down to 61%, from today’s 92%, and visibility will be very good.

The vis com degree show site is here.

Image top: Newbery building.

It’s That

It’s Nice That have been in touch about 2 themes they’re running on their website; Student of the Month and Graduates of 2011. If you’re interested in having your work profiled on the site please get in touch with Bryony at ‘It’s Nice That’ [bryony -at-] with a folio of your work or link to your website.

Design Interactions Show 2010

Design Interactions Show 2010, online. RCA Show 2 on till next weekend.