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It’s sunny in Dundee mostly


Tentsmuir WW2 Coastal Defences

In the spirit of inter-institutional caring and sharing:


Preview: Thursday 27th March 7pm
Exhibition Open: Friday 28th March 12 – 4pm, Saturday 29th March 12 – 4pm

The White Room project space, Tin Roof Studios. 38-40 Bellfield Street
Dundee DD1 5JD

Presenting an exhibition of work created by 3rd year Illustration Students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

Come along to our show! It consists of hand printed posters and set designs for a series of imagined theatrical adaptations of plays exploring climate change, sustainability, urban planning and related social and political issues.

Exploring subjects such as:
Hydro Fracking, Gentrification, Micro-topias, Climate Activism, Nuclear waste disposal, Nuclear War, Social Housing, The melting ice caps, Surveillance, Community Gardening.

For more information please visit:

Re-Brand hype

POW if you don’t know about me

POW better ask someone quickly

’cause POW!

Failed Report

“Field Studies is a four-day summer-school led by three acclaimed sound artists and composers. It explores the possibilities of engaging with places through listening, and working with recorded sound as a creative and practical tool in the context of architecture, the city and art practice.”

The course was organised by Musarc and led by Joseph Kohlmaier who edited Human Space by O.F. Bollnow on Hyphen Press. Three workshops were tutored by artist Brandon Labelle, field recordist Lee Patterson and artist Davide Tidoni. There were also talks from John Dack on Pierre Schaeffer and musique concrète, Soundfjord‘s co-founder Helen Frosi and sound artist Christina Kubisch.

Clockwise from top left, reconstructed overheard conversations, fishing for sounds using DIY hydrophone and the shoe-less Davide Tidoni discusses exploring space with radio static.

I didn’t manage to get the obligatory photo of artists/designers on laptops around trestle tables, it did happen though!

In Christina Kubisch’s talk, she showed films of her electromagnetic induction headphones in action. They pick up electromagnetic fields from electrical devices and convert them into sound using something like this. Reminded me of the sunglasses scene from They Live.

T-shaped: bold condensed or light expanded?

Interesting post that suggests that some designer may have overestimated their reach. Time perhaps to consider the strength of the vertical stack.. Is it time to rethink the T-shaped designer?

objet d’art / 99p


I have been researching measuring instruments recently for a self promotion piece. On my Grand Tour of Glasgow, I discovered this Metal Erasing Shield in Miller’s for £0.99 and thought it was rather beautiful. The metal plate is delicate to the touch with the shapes carefully considered and arranged. It smiled and winked at me in the shop, so I bought it. I may never need to edit or correct the intersection of two bisecting lines again, so I am now in possession of an objet d’art. But then again, so might thousands of other precisionists.

This town

Substitute ‘design industry’ for ‘Catholic Church’ and this article from the Guardian’s Indie Professor seems to sum up the (reasonably) current art vs design argument quite nicely. The fact that the argument may be a totally spurious one, made largely by industry bigwigs who just don’t get it is a whole different matter.


Picture 2

Following up the previous post: Amusing Ourselves to Death, reinterpreted by Stuart McMillen

Less explicit than ChatRoulette

Picture 1

Streetview Roulette, how long until you’re on Renfrew Street

Arts Group Emerging Worker’s Report

Arts Group

To follow up on the post about the Carrotworkers Collective I would recommend having a look at the Arts Group website.  Very Good resource. They recently made an in-depth report about Internships and Unpaid Work Placements.

“The Arts Group is pleased to announce the official release of our report into internships and policy on improving them, ‘Emerging workers: a fair future for entering the creative industries’

The Arts Group is calling for legislation governing the practice of work experience, internships and placements. In its “Emerging Workers” document the Arts Group puts forward the case that Government action is needed in order to protect students and graduates in the arts and creative industries.

Many arts organisations and businesses are reliant upon unpaid workers, both on work experience and on longer term placements. Whilst the Arts Group recognises that some of these organisations are run on low budgets, it is not in the interest of diversity, equality or creativity for internships to remain as the preserve of the well off.

Kit Friend, Chair of the Arts Group commented “Access to the creative professions should be based on ability, not means. As the labour market is near saturated with those financially able to take up unpaid placements, equal access to the creative professions will not be realised unless internships are regulated by government.”

The Arts Group recognises that the creative sector is made up of a large number of small and medium enterprises, and calls for funding and bursaries to be made available to employers so that they are able to continue to offer internships that are genuine training and development opportunities.”

Right to the City


Just to add another David Harvey related link to the blog.
Here is a link to a really interesting article he wrote for the new left review titled ‘The Right to the City.’

In it he argues that

“The freedom to make and remake our cities and ourselves is  one of the most precious yet most neglected of our human rights.”

This idea has helped to inspire the Right to the City social movement that first emerged in New York in 2007 as a unified response to gentrification and a call to halt the displacement of low-income people, LGBTQ, and youths of color from their historic urban neighborhoods. Through shared principles and a common frame and theory of change, RTTC is building a national and international movement for urban justice, human rights, and democracy.

There will be a Right to the City forum in Glasgow on the 24th of July at Kinning Park Complex. Well worth checking out.

Address Details Below:

Kinning Park Complex, Cornwall Street, Glasgow, G41 1AQ (Kinning Park
subway opposite). 12.30 for 1.00 start prompt, until 5.00. Saturday,
July 24th.


Become One of Menie



Dear Friend,

Trump has arrived in Aberdeen and we have a present for him, but he’s not going to like it.

Join us in The Bunker now.

Today we are launching The Bunker, a plot of land, slap bang in the middle of where Trump wants to build his golf course. Just like Greenpeace’s Airplot that recently helped stop Heathrow’s 3rd runway, The Bunker is a plot of land that thousands of us can add our names to. If it comes to the point where Aberdeenshire Council agrees to Trump’s demands to throw local people off their land, they’ll have to deal with all of us too.

You can be part of the plot too. Join us in The Bunker now.

Over 15,000 of us signed the petition supporting Aberdeenshire Council to rule out Trump’s demands for the use of compulsory purchase orders in order to throw local families out of their homes, but they chose not to act. A recent opinion poll told us that Trump now has just 13% support on this basis. Aberdeenshire Council continues to fail to protect local families, from Trump’s demands for forced evictions.

So let’s take this matter into our own hands and stand side by side with the local families against the bully Donald Trump.

Please forward this email far and wide. Everyone is welcome in The Bunker. And we’ll be creating some fun on the site of The Bunker in the future, so keep an eye out for updates.

Many thanks.
Tripping Up Trump


this probably wasn’t distributed up here as Squatters Rights don’t exist in Scots law…


Squatters In Tabloid Paper Shocker

MESHO, a spoof paper has been produced for the weekend of squatted autonomous spaces happening in cities across Britain (and everywhere else), this weekend.

MESHO, The 16-page tabloid spoof paper about squatting, homelessness and autonomous spaces is out! Apeing the METRO masthead, watch out if you see what looks like a METRO on a tube train or bus – it might be a MESHO.

Look out for MESHO in all the squatted/autonomous spaces opened up this weekend in cities across Britain.  Allegedly the paper nearly didn’t happen because three separate printers pulled out
at the last minute fearing a legal comeback – or claiming they didn’t have insurance. One excused themselves because they print METRO, before another finally obliged at the last minute.

What does MESHO mean? Well it looks like METRO but is an anagram of HOMES. So there.

Download MESHO on pdf (16 page, tabloid size, 4.7mb) at

In the Shadow of Shadow


With the support of Uninstal, as part of a two day exploration of critical urban praxis with radical sound art collective Ultra-Red, The Strickland Distribution are hosting a public walk on Sunday 9th May. The walk is intended as a means to investigate contemporary urban dispossession as a consequence of gentrification in light of historical forms of primitive accumulation in the city. Led by independent writer and researcher Neil Gray, in collaboration with a range of activists and artists and housing and community groups, the walk will take a digressive route through George Square, the branded ‘Merchant City’, Glasgow Green, and the Barras Market. In a form of live critical praxis, the walk will aim to illuminate such shadowed areas as the ‘Cancer of Empire’ and the dead hand of Victoriana; the secret of primitive accumulation, past and present; ‘the Selfridges effect’ and the rent-gap; the ‘arts-led property strategy’ and affective labour; slums, tower blocks and penthouses, and the continuing crisis in housing; and the neoliberal pulverisation and commodification of social spaces.

The title of the walk refers to ‘Shadow’ and his ‘Midnight scenes and social photographs’, a paternalist Victorian account of Glasgow slums written in 1858. In the Shadow of Shadow, we propose instead an investigative ‘history from below’; a critical exploration of gentrification set in the historical contexts of the ‘second city of Empire’ and contemporary city-building. While Victorian paternalists like Shadow promoted top-down, moralistic solutions to mitigate the problems of the urban poor, we know that social change only ever comes with broad-based organising from below. Participating groups such as the Scottish Tenants Organisation, Glasgow Games Monitor 2014, and the Glasgow Residents Network are already active in Glasgow, and this walk aims to provide the means for critical self-reflection and collaborative exchange, as well as instigating and sustaining wider solidarity and activity between anti-gentrification researchers, activists, community groups, planners and artists in Glasgow. We welcome all those with an interest in this project.

Please note that the walk will be audio recorded by Ultra-Red. Recordings from the event will then be used the following Sunday 16th May in sound workshops that explore the issues raised on the walk and the possibilities for new and ongoing forms of organisation and resistance to gentrification in Glasgow.

Day 1: Sunday 9th May. Meet 1pm at Queen Victoria statue (with horse) George Square.

A public walk from George Square to the Barras market, bringing in contributions from researchers, activists and artists in a form of live critical praxis (time: 1-4pm approx.).

Followed by a screening from Document’s archive of ‘Drumchapel – The Frustration Game’ (20 mins, de-classed elements, 1989) and discussion (time: 4-7pm approx.) in Laurie’s Bar, 34-36 King Street, Glasgow, G1 5QT Map:

Day 2: Sunday 16th May, 1-5pm, Kinning Park Complex, 40 Cornwall Street, Glasgow, G41 1AQ Map:

A practical sound workshop with Ultra-Red bringing together walk participants to discuss the issues raised during the walk. The aim of these workshops is to facilitate a deeper understanding of gentrification, and to instigate and sustain wider solidarity and activity between anti-gentrification researchers, activists, community groups and artists in Glasgow.

Participants include:

Neil Gray (writer and researcher)
Leigh French (co-editor, Variant magazine)
Simon Yuill (artist and writer)
Libby Porter (University of Glasgow, Department of Urban Studies; Planners Network UK)
John Cousins (radical researcher and historian)


The Strickland Distribution:
Document – International Documentary Film Festival :
Scottish Tenants Organisation:
Glasgow Games Monitor 2014:
Glasgow Residents Network:
The Burgh Angel:
East End Eye:
South Side Crane:

Some background research by Neil Gray from Variant magazine:

‘Constructing Neoliberal Glasgow: The Privatisation of Space’

‘The Clyde Gateway: A New Urban Frontier?’

‘Glasgow’s Merchant City: An Artist-Led Property Strategy’

‘The Tyranny of Rent’

The North Face

Picture 1

Perhaps out-with the topic of “Vis Com”, but just enjoy.

Best guerrilla election poster so far?


Apparently this ad has been fly posted around London. It’s a witty take on the YouTube viral and possibly a few more votes for Nick Clegg. If you click on the link you can even make your own.

Four Letter Words

Cool project from Rob Seward

Four Letter Words from Rob Seward on Vimeo.

VIS COM ’10 Fundraising Auction

gsa auction

VIS COM ’10 is holding an auction of graduates work at the creative hub, Che Camille on Sunday the 2nd of May

Some of the artists/designers that have kindly donated their work are:

– Anthony Burrill
– Jonathan Ellery (Browns)
– Foster & Partners
– Graphic Thought Facility
– The Goodwives and Warriors

– Tabrez
– Ivor Williams
– Andrew Heely (from Long Lunch)
– Scott Hutchison
– Eilidh Weir

– Chloe Inkpen
– Stuart White
– Edwin Pickstone
– Marc Baines
– Silje Eirin Aure

– Dan Williams
– Neil McGuire
– Brian Cairns
– Alida Sayer
– Saskia Pomeroy

– Hitherto
– Susan Roan
– Helen Ferguson
– Harriet Russell
– Jack Gregory

Amongst many others.

The website is – so you can mark all the pieces that you want.

With over 40 items from some of the most talented graduates that GSA has produced and others, there will be something for everyone and some specialist, collectible items.

There will be cakes, drinks and music all in the wonderful setting of Che Camille.

It is on a Sunday afternoon, not too stressful, and if you are busy with uni or art school, it’s the perfect afternoon off to recharge and gain some sanity.

All of the proceeds will go towards the Visual Communication Degree Show 2010.

Wohs Eerged

Degree Show & Auction website is up… a work in progress.


Archigram Archive

My architect mates have always banged on about Archigram, a 60’s / 70’s experimental architecture group… the original blue-sky-think-out-the-box-think-tank-agent-provocateur-enfant-terrible-it’ll-never-float bunch of tomorrow’s-world-on-acid mentalists. With ties on. Anyway, a lot of the work has often been difficult to access, so now they’ve put together a comprehensive archive online, for free. Still inspiring, interesting and beautiful visually. Picture 6


Hijacking this blog in the name of charity! Jackson TL and Alex Misick are riding an ice cream van to Mongolia all in aid of charity… if you can, please pop over and donate a pound or two… it will make their grins cheezy. you want sprinkles with that?