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Dear Friend,

Trump has arrived in Aberdeen and we have a present for him, but he’s not going to like it.

Join us in The Bunker now.

Today we are launching The Bunker, a plot of land, slap bang in the middle of where Trump wants to build his golf course. Just like Greenpeace’s Airplot that recently helped stop Heathrow’s 3rd runway, The Bunker is a plot of land that thousands of us can add our names to. If it comes to the point where Aberdeenshire Council agrees to Trump’s demands to throw local people off their land, they’ll have to deal with all of us too.

You can be part of the plot too. Join us in The Bunker now.

Over 15,000 of us signed the petition supporting Aberdeenshire Council to rule out Trump’s demands for the use of compulsory purchase orders in order to throw local families out of their homes, but they chose not to act. A recent opinion poll told us that Trump now has just 13% support on this basis. Aberdeenshire Council continues to fail to protect local families, from Trump’s demands for forced evictions.

So let’s take this matter into our own hands and stand side by side with the local families against the bully Donald Trump.

Please forward this email far and wide. Everyone is welcome in The Bunker. And we’ll be creating some fun on the site of The Bunker in the future, so keep an eye out for updates.

Many thanks.
Tripping Up Trump

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