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TALK: Ian Anderson & Kim Coleman 6.30 Weds 4th May


Please join us for talks by Ian Anderson and Kim Coleman. Ian is a graphic designer and founder of ‘The Designers Republic’, the Sheffield based design studio. Kim is an artist and a designer of live stage shows for bands.

Comm Des Talks are a series of talks and workshop events organised by the Communication Design department at GSA.

Sign up here for tickets:


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Assembly comes to London this weekend. With an exhibition of all graduating students, talks that bear a passing resemblance to Pecha Kucha, and as yet unspecified amounts of beer, it promises to be reasonably good. Please spread to the word, and hope to see you there.

Forthcoming Talks

Come along to one, or the other, or both, of our forthcoming COM DES TALKS (CDT)

They take place in the Vic (Student Union) 6pm, for 6.30ish start. All welcome. Can get your dinner there too.

Tue 27 Jan: Alaric Garnier + Mike Montgomery (info and tix here)

Tue 3 Feb: Catherine Dixon + Nick Sloan (info and tix here)



Image top: Alaric Garnier

Rebecca Davies talk and workshop

Workshop: Rebecca will be leading a one day workshop on Wednesday 26th November. The workshop is open to all year groups across Comm Des. Numbers are limited to 20 places, Booking is essential, reserve a place here.

Talk: Rebecca will be talking about her practice and recent projects, *Update* Now to be held Thursday 27th, 4.30pm, Reid Lecture Theatre, Peter Reid Building, GSA. All welcome!

Rebecca Davies is an illustrator, performer and event organizer who has a deeply participatory practice. Her work centres around themes of ‘people and place’, exploring changes in heritage and how people’s surroundings, in constant flux, affect our communities.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2010, she has developed and directed a number of large scale participatory projects including Studio at the Elephant, transforming a unit in the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre into a programmed arts studio and event space. This project has since developed into The Peoples Bureau funded by Tate Modern. From 2012-2014 Rebecca travelled the UK in The Beau Belles Ice Cream Van, a project funded by Arts Council England and produced by Artsadmin. This project explored ‘how we come together’ and celebrated the social rituals and traditions across the UK . Her most recent project has been selected to open the Mons Capital of Culture 2015.

Potted History

Edwin Pickstone: ‘A potted history of the alphabet and its designs’

Edwin Pickstone: ‘A potted history of the alphabet and its designs’
Principal Seminar Room 1, Reid Building, 14 Jan 2015, 1pm

Looking at the histories of type design, Pickstone will speak about particular fonts linked to works in the exhibition, including Eric Gill Gill Sans and Alasdair Gray.

All welcome, no need to book

via ‘A potted history of the alphabet and its designs’.

Part of Spheres of Influence II.

David Pearson + Paul Finn: Talk


David Pearson + Paul Finn

Wed 01 Oct
GSA Student’s Union / Upstairs

OnLab talk: 20th March

LongLunch, Event: 55

GSA have 20 free tickets for LongLunch, Event: 55 – OnLab. The talk is on the 20th March in the Mackintosh Lecture Theatre. Click here to book a ticket, one per person. Please only book up if you can definitely make it.

Rachel Thomas + Ross Sinclair

Rachel Thomas + Ross Sinclair – A Feral Studio

Rachel Thomas + Ross Sinclair – A Feral Studio:

Feral Studio returns, with Rachel Thomas and Ross Sinclair, featuring talks from two artists and designers, both working with space, scenes and ‘set’. Rachel uses bold, simple visual archetypes and signs but is interested in “the mental craft of thinking something out and creating a puzzle” through her visuals. Ross is a prominent artist who loves Real Life.

Feral Studio events are open to all GSA students, plus fully open to members of the public and the design community in Glasgow and beyond. The workshop attached to this event (20 + 21st Jan) will open for sign-up at 10am on Mon 13th Jan, via the VLE.

Doors open at 6pm, for a 6.30pm-ish start.

Venue: Due to the campus developments at GSA the venue for this talk is currently ‘in flux’ – we will confirm the venue within a couple of days, and post it to this eventbrite page. It will be Glasgow city centre, one way or the other.

Image: Rachel Thomas / Behind the Scenes

Panel Discussion

A Feral Studio are delighted to be contributing to a small part of Wim Crouwel – a graphic odyssey. We’re helping to host an opening night panel discussion with the exhibitions curators: Tony Brook and Margaret Cubbage. Tickets are available here, not many left.

information as illustration

I went along to the Vaughan Oliver (4AD, 23V) talk organised by LongLunch last week in Edinburgh and reacquainted myself with his back catalogue. I have followed and collected his work since 1984 when I was lucky enough to meet him while studying at GSA. I remember him saying that “typography is just another form of mark making”. That statement was all I needed to open up a new world of experimentation and personal expression. The process of researching forgotten fonts, photocopying them, cutting them out with a scalpel knife, positioning with spray mount and tidying up with typex, became addictive. Now I use the ubiquitous Adobe Illustrator for most of my typographic work, but in my mind I am still crafting the letterforms as before. When asked about his use of technology, Vaughan gave a frank reply lamenting the loss of the community that was interwoven into his process – the model makers, the photographers, the repro houses and that guy at the printers who would run an additional spot colour and a double hit of black (at 6.00am). Although it was a thrill to hear his laconic repartee, something inside of me wanted him to say that he was now a master of layers in Photoshop, could handle a digital DSLR or just give us an After Effects tip for the day. I wanted to know that my hero was having to keep up with the advances in CS6 like me – alas, no. Is he worried? Not a bit. He is a graphic designer (not an artist) who wants to communicate a feeling or an atmosphere by using his own visual language. It is a language where information works as illustration.

4AD/23 Envelope 1984 documentary HERE

The Working Day

A full timetable is up on the VLE, and sign-up takes place in actual person, at actual skypark, as of today, for next weeks ‘working day’ – a day of advice, talks and workshops, about working.

Forthcoming: Scott King + Edwin Pickstone

Image: MARXIST DISCO CANCELLED(2011) Letterpress print, 70 x 50 cm / Scott King

The next Feral Studio talk is on Thursday 24.01 at 6.15pm in the Mackintosh Lecture theatre. (Free) tickets here.

It features Scott King + Edwin Pickstone. There will be a one-day workshop with Scott on Friday 25.01 – info on that making its way out to you via that transcendental portal that is the VLE, very shortly.

Image: MARXIST DISCO CANCELLED(2011) Letterpress print, 70 x 50 cm / Scott King

Talkspace in Edinburgh in November

Talkspace 02 is a talk happening at the Whitespace studio with these people on this date at this time. It’s going to be really good and there will be FREE beer. Get your free tickets here.

Talkspace 01 featured a rather good talk by GSA’s very own Neil McGuire – well worth a watch.

A Feral Studio

I’ll talk more about this when term starts, but we’ve been working on this Feral Studio project, to run alongside/in tandem with design activities at GSA… It’s an opportunity to bring in a range of interesting and diverse speakers and people to lead short workshops etc. As I say, more information when term starts, but advance warning about the first event with Eike König / Hort: Tickets are here. The website is designed by VisComDes people Sebastian Gorton Kalvik and Sophie Dyer.

Also, news of a clandestine tuesday morning meet-up next week, with Stuart Bailey, to follow shortly.

So pretty vague then, this whole post.

Shock of the New-ish

New Aesthetic, New Anxieties is the outcome of a book-sprint organised by V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media. (downloadable as either pdf or e-book from that link there). It explores and expands upon the concept of the ‘New Aesthetic’, as coined by James Bridle in 2011. We’ve touched on this before, in terms of both the idea and some critical comment on it. Thanks to Michelle for the link.

DIY: 28.06.12

I’m programming this following series of ‘Glug’ talks, with friends at Creative Edinburgh. If any one fancies a trip east-side, the talks are free, and the trip will be well worth the train fare. More details, and booking info here: Glug Edinburgh – DIY – 28th June 6pm.

The line up includes the fantastic; Dominic Wilcox, Anna Gibb, Malcy Duff (who you may remember from the ‘would work’ talks we did) and Paul Kerlaff.

Image: Dominic Wilcox; Wilcox vs 3D Printer

M’72 Legacy

ian mclaren

M’72 – Design Legacy is a symposium at UCA Canterbury, running from 29-31 June 2012, which explores the legacy of Otl Aicher and the design work for the 1972 Munich Olympics. It’s of interest for a number of reasons, not least that it features Ian McLaren (pictured above, a former head of department of Vis Com at GSA) who worked as one of the small design team creating and deploying the identity system for the 72 games.

The second reason that it is particularly interesting to me is that through another blog I write, I was contacted recently by Alexander Negrelli, a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie, who is about to publish a book called Kommando Otl Aicher, looking at terrorism, politics, sport and design through the lens of visual identity. It sounds like a really interesting book, but due to funding issues within Dutch arts, its publication has been delayed until later this summer. A trailer can be viewed below.

Brno report on the 25th Brno Biennial.

G.P. Talks

Running over 3 nights next week, G.P. Talks are embracing modern technology* to bring you talks and presentations from designers, printers, illustrators, writers and independent publishers around the world. All at 6pm (ish) in Goodpress @ Mono, Kings Court, Glasgow, Northwest Europe.

Tues 1st May: Catalogue + Benjamin Critton
Wed 2nd May: Megawords + Junk Jet
Thursday 3rd May: Jessica Williams + Ditto Press

Organised by Good Press and Communication Design GSA

Free tickets, and links to participants websites and more info, here: G.P. Talks

Image: Megawords
*skype, a laptop, a projector and a set of speakers.

Last (this year) and 10th

GSA Pecha Kucha X is on Wednesday 25th April, 6 ish, Students Union, and Vis Com are representing, on a number of levels.

Feat. Edwin Pickstone, Tassy Thompson, Malcolm Murdoch, Michael Dougal, Craig Mulholland, Ian McIlroy, Lauren Currie and Ainsley Roddick (the Duchy), plus more t.b.c.