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Situation Room

From the comments; “…the benefit of living in an urban environment are the social discrepant events that propel society forward – these “collisions” between disparate power structures and groups that shape our cultures and social innovations – this proposal effectively wants to eradicate this necessarily messy conflict and “negate authorship” – which is extremely alarming – because then it becomes impossible to pinpoint who is really behind the green curtain.”

via Whos Your Data? Urban Design in the New Soft City: Places: Design Observer.

Taps Aff

The culturally aware weather site for Glasgow ‘Taps Aff’ has just 2 settings.
TAPS AFF and TAPS OAN dependent on the temperature and weather.

How do you go inside a bookshop without actually going inside a bookshop?

Mrs Tsk* has the answers.


BERG collaborator Matt Brown creates this interesting ‘mash-up’ which contextualises the scale of things in relation to where you are. Kind of like an interactive and digital update of “it’s as tall as 7 statues of liberty” or “as big as 4 football pitches.”