Arts Group Emerging Worker’s Report

Arts Group

To follow up on the post about the Carrotworkers Collective I would recommend having a look at the Arts Group website.  Very Good resource. They recently made an in-depth report about Internships and Unpaid Work Placements.

“The Arts Group is pleased to announce the official release of our report into internships and policy on improving them, ‘Emerging workers: a fair future for entering the creative industries’

The Arts Group is calling for legislation governing the practice of work experience, internships and placements. In its “Emerging Workers” document the Arts Group puts forward the case that Government action is needed in order to protect students and graduates in the arts and creative industries.

Many arts organisations and businesses are reliant upon unpaid workers, both on work experience and on longer term placements. Whilst the Arts Group recognises that some of these organisations are run on low budgets, it is not in the interest of diversity, equality or creativity for internships to remain as the preserve of the well off.

Kit Friend, Chair of the Arts Group commented “Access to the creative professions should be based on ability, not means. As the labour market is near saturated with those financially able to take up unpaid placements, equal access to the creative professions will not be realised unless internships are regulated by government.”

The Arts Group recognises that the creative sector is made up of a large number of small and medium enterprises, and calls for funding and bursaries to be made available to employers so that they are able to continue to offer internships that are genuine training and development opportunities.”

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