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Degree Shows on Central Station

Hi all – I’ve written a bit about the upcoming 2011 Degree Shows here: (mainly inspired by finding Edwin Pickstone and Neil McGuire in The State Bar at unsociable hours). That hackneyed intro aside, the purpose is to help promote and share your events, work and more on Central Station. We’ve also partnered up with a-n’s degreesunedited, so it’s a good opportunity to get some more exposure. Look forward to seeing your work, reviews, recommendations and more. More soon, Emlyn

Archigram Archive

My architect mates have always banged on about Archigram, a 60’s / 70’s experimental architecture group… the original blue-sky-think-out-the-box-think-tank-agent-provocateur-enfant-terrible-it’ll-never-float bunch of tomorrow’s-world-on-acid mentalists. With ties on. Anyway, a lot of the work has often been difficult to access, so now they’ve put together a comprehensive archive online, for free. Still inspiring, interesting and beautiful visually. Picture 6

Mix-Blog on Central Station – get involved

mix-blog header

Apparently, writing about music is like dancing about architecture. I did google to check this long-held-dear quote, that I thought had been coined by Lester Bangs, but it turns out it might have been first muttered by Elvis Costello. Or Zappa. Or it possibly might have been Laurie Anderson and she actually said “writing about art…”.

Thankfully, this thing I’m making a pigs-ear of introducing is neither specifically about music or architecture, though they both come in to it. I’m hoping there might be some dancing, but it’s probably more dominated by ‘art’. With plenty of film and design thrown in too.

We’ve got 28 blogs coming up on Central Station – one each day in February, under the slightly dumb banner of ‘MIX-BLOG’ – which are dedicated to SOUND, and where it intersects with creativity.

We’ve asked our expert, passionate, insightful members to explore a panoply of good vibrations – from Sonic Art to Synaesthesia via the complex aesthetic codes of Subcultural Style. There are projects, podcasts and plenty of personal perspectives, hopefully with less alliteration and a lot more inspiration. Look out too for a few ex-vis com graduates in the mix…

Just one last thing: we want you to get involved too. Our 28 members are bravely taking the floor and putting this brand new material out there, just for you. We’d like you to comment, contribute, collaborate, corroborate. Sound-off, or show your appreciation. Just make some noise. [+ We’re hoping that the most interesting discussions and collaboration will form the basis of a project. ]

Mix-blog#1 is by brian at Two Open Ears – he’s challenging designers to consider sound and how it shapes the everyday experience.

(and apologies for more Central Station ‘spam’… I will post something else unrelated to censta soon, promise )



I’ve just added a new Collection to Central Station. You can see it and read about it here:

The focus is a rare typography manual I found in an old bookshop in Prague in 1999*. ‘PISMO’ is an A3 sized folio containing a manuscript on the ‘history of writing’ and over 50 exceptionally beautiful, original loose leaves of individually drawn alphabets, some with diagramatic notation that demonstrate their construction.

Thinking about the legacy of not only Czech design, but photography and film of that era (eg Magick Lantern), and the latent influences of Constructivism and even Bauhaus in PISMO, I’d also be interested in suggested routes for further exploration/collaboration, perhaps working with visual artists, writers or film-makers.

Have a look and an explore and feel free to add to this discussion with more visual stimulus, links etc.,


*The find was made whilst on a field trip as a student with the Glasgow School of Art’s Visual Communication Dept., led by Steve Rigley. Credit should also go to my friend and fellow ex-student Franca Fosco, who helped me buy the book, with a smattering of Czech translation.

The research project will be continued with Steve Rigley and Edwin Pickstone