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What would the venerable Mr Crapper have thought?

I went into a hot flush recently when a friend forwarded me the following images of a restaurant called Modern Toilet in Taipei. It features 100 seats made from toilet bowls with food being served in mini toilet pans. The toilet rolls for wiping your hands and mouth are hung above the tables, which resemble glass-topped jumbo bathtubs. I think Victor Paris have missed a trick in their Glasgow showroom.

Archigram Archive

My architect mates have always banged on about Archigram, a 60’s / 70’s experimental architecture group… the original blue-sky-think-out-the-box-think-tank-agent-provocateur-enfant-terrible-it’ll-never-float bunch of tomorrow’s-world-on-acid mentalists. With ties on. Anyway, a lot of the work has often been difficult to access, so now they’ve put together a comprehensive archive online, for free. Still inspiring, interesting and beautiful visually. http://archigram.westminster.ac.uk/ Picture 6