On Privacy, pt 1

Seeing as the Rapture didn’t occur on Saturday, you might want to tune in to Adam Curtis’s new series, ‘All Watched Over by Machines of Love and Grace‘ – What I hope will be an entertaining, insightful, and probably eclectic look at the politics, culture, society and technology we’re currently immersed in. All this on the back of a weekend where Twitter has been at the centre of a legal storm over privacy, and the geographical impotence of national laws has been tested, firstly by the aforementioned micro-blogging site (or rather the users of) and secondly by a shrewd Scottish Newspaper.

Conflating the issues of ‘freedom of speech’ here with the widely reported use of Twitter and other social media sites in the Arab-Spring would devalue the latter and elevate the former, but they possibly feature somewhere on the same spectrum.

Meanwhile, closer to home, super-injunctions at GSA prevent me from telling you that the Head of ———– was recently seen ——— a ——— with a learning outcome.

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