Longlunch will be hosting a talk by Tomato on the 26th of Feb at the Art School – Tickets are now on sale from Analogue Books, BUT, before you rush off to buy any, because the art school is hosting the event there’ll be 15 free tickets – We’re thinking of doing a ‘drawing names from a hat’ thing on friday, but will keep you posted. If you can think of a more imaginative (but fair and non-subjective) way of distributing them, let us know.

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  • Did the draw ever happen? I’m guessing I haven’t got a free ticket.. seeing as somebody probably would have told me by now…

  • hi ellen – we divided the ticket allocation between the year groups, so 5 for second year (i’ve done the draw for this) and 5 for 3rd and 5 for 4th year, which steve is organising so long and short of it is that you’ll need to ask him – sorry, long answer.

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