Sneak Peek

Above is a video commissioned by Central Station, filmed to accompany the ‘Now I Know My ABCs’ exhibition of recent Scottish fine art graduates at SWG3, and provocatively edited to deny the artists a chance to explain their work. Poster for the event was designed by Rosemary Ferrier.

2 Responses to “Sneak Peek”

  • Very powerful thing to do, it wouldn’t take much to argue that it’s just undermining the whole exhibition.

  • agree, it’s an odd one. I went to the exhibition and would have been glad of some explanation from the artists regarding what their work was about, as most of it puzzled me, so on first viewing this film was pretty frustrating. Can’t figure out if it’s meant to be critical of the artists (suggesting they have nothing to say), or if it’s a slightly painful in-joke.

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