Beste Steve


Project produced by Rotterdam company V2, where Herman Asselbergh dismantles a brand new MacBook Pro piece by piece. Although the online video is only a clip right now, the still image makes me very exited to see the finished autopsy. Asselberghs comments on the contradiction between how often we see laptops in artworks and the ubiquity of them in our lives.

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  • Thanks for posting this up. v2 (institute for unstable media) is a great space, and rotterdam is an interesting city for design technology and architecture, with NAI ( ) just round the corner (sort of). I went there earlier in the year and true to tech form, the installation crashed and they/we had to wait half an hour for the ‘tech-guy’ to come and fix it, but it was a good chance to look at a windows start-up screen and buy some of their really interesting publications. Geert Lovink, a really interesting critical thinker when it comes to the web and network cultures ( ( – have got a few of his books if anyone wants a lend)), writes a lot for them. Their test_labs ( ) seem to work really well too as a sort of show-and-tell for work in progress.

    at a conference a couple of years ago a designer durrell bishop ( ) was saying he found it interesting that lots of graphic designers (and particularly mac users) had no interest in how their machines worked, or how to modify or re-purpose them, just that they looked slick, which i think was a valid point. Are we less concerned that we should be about the tools of production, would this be an interesting area to explore further? Can we please not use my shiny mac as a test case… etc etc.

  • Short version: rotterdam, great city for interesting design and architecture: V2 (or the institute for unstable media) is fantastic, try for some really interesting stuff – they’re just round the corner from NAI – they’re also a home of sorts to geert lovink, really interesting researcher, academic and critiqu-er of network cultures and technology, some of his publications i have if anyone wants a lend:

  • Found first comment in the spam bin, have now reinstated it.

  • Cheers Neil, I visited V2 yesterday and was given a tour by Jan Misker, one of the project managers. It really is a great place and an amazing resource. I was lucky enough to beta test a project from their current artist in residence, an iPhone app called the Serendipitor. It’s part of Mark Shepard’s “Sentient City Survival Kit”

    The app is almost ready to be launched so I’ll wait to do a proper post once it’s available for everyone to download.

    Definitely check out the Test_Lab series, it seems a great alternative to a standard exhibition format.

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