Thinking of an Unrelated Thing

I thought i’d maybe written about The Shallows before, perhaps not, but the book gets a review alongside a useful comparison here.

The debates, as they have a tendency to do, polarise the views, but I think the basic premise is questionable. Its interesting thinking about this from a creative point of view, where a ‘butterfly mind’ (something you might be criticised for in more mainstream education) can be an asset, and the ability to drawn together disparate and varied sources to create something new, thinking in the ‘extended abstract‘, is part of normal working practice. As with all these net criticisms, and I’m not saying there’s not an element of accuracy in them, it seems a little like pissing in the wind, as even if they were valid the net isn’t going to ‘go away’. The issues become more ones of literacy, making the most of changing learning and knowledge aquisition styles, and seeing what benefits these changes might bring.

Parallel arguments, but relating to TV rather than the web, might be found in the entertaining and insightful Amusing Ourselves to Death, by one of my favourite other Neil’s, Neil Postman.

This all links to some previous posts on this blog, including this, this and this.

N.B. (To correctly attribute the post title, like Waynes World, but FOR REAL.)

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