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As some of you might know, GSA is in the process of redesigning it’s website. Ahead of it’s launch in the new academic year, Vis Com Blog offers this sneak peek behind the scenes to see what could have been, had Neil’s more outlandish ideas found a receptive audience.

Option 1:

What’s the Rationale?: The site is stripped down to a series of blunt 2 or 3 option multiple choice statements. Pictured above is the homepage, where the user is faced with two possible choices. ‘Giving’ takes you straight to GSA’s paypal page where you can donate money to the School or pay fees, ‘taking’ assumes that you are a student or prospective student, and takes you to a page where you can chooses art, architecture or design, rich or poor, wet or dry, and so on. Anything else to note?: A knowing and reflexive comment on higher education funding and capitalist realism. And the blue background represents the colour of the sky.

Got ideas? Run out of summer things to design? VisCom blog enthusiastically encourages submissions (however far-fetched) for GSA website ideas… send jpeg screenshots (495 px wide) to n.mcguire [at] and we’ll post them here…

3 Responses to “New GSA Website”

  • Unsure about this first idea. Sure, cool choice of buttons but who does a splash page anymore? And why would you? Is this 1999?

    Second, where is the love? This doesn’t say to me “Glasgow School of Art”, this just tells me minimal, lifeless, and couldn’t come up with something. This idea is bane. Sorry.

  • Yep, it was a joke. But maybe in a parallel world…

  • Good grief Iain.

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