Evolution in Design

“There’s this group we’re interested in, called DSG, or the Deterritorial Support Group. They’re a self-proclaimed ultra-leftist propaganda group, based in London. And someone said on Twitter: DSG made Metahaven look like Adbusters. And I thought this was great, because that’s really how it should be.

It should be like in music. Maybe there’s a band. And then there’s another band, and they’re doing something even more extreme and heavy. The band that came before is labeled ‘sort of okay’, people say ‘but now you’re like Bon Jovi’ and that’s no longer interesting. That sort of evolution going in design is an absolute dream for me.”

via That New Design Smell (interview with Daniel Van Der Velden).

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  • Is design be like music? Is this an appropriate metaphor?

    And since when is music like some sort of “extreme and heavy” competition?

    In the world of the “music industry,” one could argue the “extreme and heavy” conversation is one that music executives and marketing managers have on a regular basis. Is Lady Gaga more extreme and heavy than Madonna was?
    — The short answer is no. Absolutely not. Madonna was never extreme and heavy to begin with. End of story. So to compare Gaga to this is insulting to everyone; not least the actually extreme and heavy female music stars. Hello Peaches!…
    — The long answer is a trepid yes. the industry is trying helplessly to re-create the mega-profit global superstar that Madonna was in the 1990s and early 2000s.

    In the general world of music; everybody knows that music is created out of the pure pleasure of experimenting and mastering it. There is no competition; only collaboration.

    So its curious to see Metahaven comparing themselves to DSG; as if DSG was more “extreme and heavy” than they are. DSG does blogging online. Big deal! They are not extreme or heavy whatsoever. So why in the world would Metahaven even bother considering stupid tweets that suggest they are lamo compared to other lamos?

    Maybe “extreme and heavy” are worth defining here?

    Would love to have read someone from the Glasgow School of Art comment, analyse or critique the Metahaven blurb. Such a pity it was just put up here like as is. In following the link to That New Design Smell magazine, it seems they are responding to a lack of brain activity in the design world. So, please! Share some of those brain cells with readers here!

  • Dealing with those points in reverse order.

    There is no blog-law against posting excerpts from and links to other sites, where perhaps the excerpt says all that it needs to say in order for readers to get something from it and take an opinion on it. (as would appear to have happened here). Sometimes we write ides and comments, sometimes we just create links to interesting ideas and comments of others etc etc. and that’s fine.

    I don’t think Metahaven were suggesting that DSG just blog online? Just that they forced them to reconsider what they were doing, which they saw as a good thing. Nor were they placing absolute weight on that tweet, just that it raised an interesting question for them.

    In using the music metaphor, and looking for similarities with other fields of creative activity, I think they were doing just that. When people talk metaphorically they most often don’t mean that one thing is exactly the same as the other thing, just that there are areas of equivalence or interesting comparisons to be drawn. I’m not necessarily defending the metaphor, but think your critique of it is lacking any real insight.

  • What no goatse link?

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