Spime Weapons

Defense distributed raise an interesting spectre of the point (in the not too distant future) when we will be able to access (any) object as data and fabricate it ourselves as a 3D printed object. In this case, their focus in the gun, (or as they call it the ‘personal defence system’). The project, as I’m sure it’s intended to do, raises a number of ethical and social issues, and while I personally feel that their libertarian manifesto is a bit muddled (not seeming to recognise individual and collective rights as being connected in any way), its interesting to think about whether we feel any different were we to contextualise this technology in the arab spring, or other recent uprisings, and how this makes us feel about the more traditional methods of arms manufacturing, distribution and control.

Thanks to the person from 2nd year who raised this in a discussion group (and whose name unfortunately I don’t have to hand), as i think it raises some really interesting questions.

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  • Funnily enough, when the Wired article that this picture originated from was published the concern was not about unfettered access to weapons, but copyright.

  • Yes, it is a weird (wired?) mixture of concern about public safety, and IP at the same time. That’s what i think is fascinating… thanks for flagging this up karl, as i think i missed this in wired …

    also, for readers, just to clarify, the image is of a gun which only partially 3-D printed, the real ‘wikiweapon’ is fabricated in a single 3-d printed unit.

  • In Berlin I came across these kits in the gestalten shop, which I thought were nicely thought provoking.
    Still uncomfortable for me.

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