This is Your Life, Inc.


“How the world became a corporation and how to take it back.” Particularly relevant right now, with the ‘double C word’ and all that. I can’t say too much as I have just started but I imagine it to be a suitably depressing holiday book. I’m taking The Broons too.

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  • am thinking of showing the persuaders by rushkoff next year as part of a program of vis com related films:

    other likely films will be:
    Manufactured Landscapes by Jennifer Baichwal
    Crumb by Terry Zwigoff
    Black Mountain College by Cathryn Zommer
    Manufacturing Consent about Noam Chomsky (bit epic, might need to do it in sections)
    Of time and the city by Terence Davies
    Helvetica by Gary Hustwitz (rerun)

    Any further suggestions in a similar vein, please can you send them to me or post as a comment on the blog.

    cheers N

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