Further Dispatches from the Frontline of Joy

From the age of austerity to a Compendium of Joy, documentation of a recent exhibition by vis-com people Jess Copsey and Oona Brown, and below, a sublime passage from the introduction by fellow vis-com person Sam Bellacosa;

With Our not-so-distant forebears, raving ’til dawn in the expansive fields of the English countryside, borrowed a synonymous term to describe the chemical effects of methylenedioxymethamphetamine, a synthetic stimulant producing heightened states of euphoria and a general feeling of well-being and camaraderie. They called it Ecstasy, from the Greek ekstasis, or, “standing outside oneself.”

The French have a characterization for the universe of petit vices to which Ecstasy belongs—the condensé de joie, or ‘condensed joy.’ In tablet form Ecstasy is the Eucharist of late-20th century clubbing subculture, your communion for a few quid. In Christian theology, this tenet—that the bread wafer constitutes the symbolic body of Christ—is known as Transubstantiation; we are brought closer to the Holy Spirit through consumption. When we consume Ecstasy, or cheap lager or copious triple-vodkas for that matter, we are both spiritually and physically altered. This is called being “off one’s face,” and in some major way we lose the material sense of self–our face in the mirror—and join a collective identity of the truly fucked, a frenzied body of pure, condensed joy.

Whilst on the subject of Argyle Street area goings on, I believe the Relocated Gallery / One Hundred Pound Shop is due to open (or rather have an opening) on the 1st December.

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