Look out! Look out! Yr1 are about!

Good weather, good humour and an ability to challenge assumptions, brought the Yr1 ComDes students out into the streets of Glasgow recently. Working in groups of five, the students took some risks to make places in Glasgow famous.

We had: commemorative plaques dedicated to singer songwriter Darius, sheltering walkers in Kelvingrove Park under a canopy made from a matrix of umbrellas, turning the Duke of Wellington statue into Dukearoo! (his equestrian pal had a unicorn horn) and a forgotten underpass near to SkyPark brought to life with an installation made from woolen thread (see below).

The group of Sarah Jones, Isaac Neviazsky, Chelsea Frew, Lois Langmead and Louisa Reyce gilded a crack in the pavement with Tunnock’s Tea Cake wrappers. The students approached our national institution and got permission to use the iconic design and make something beautiful. Enjoy…

2 Responses to “Look out! Look out! Yr1 are about!”

  • The thread installation looks great.

    Hands down beats our idea to host a flash mob in an abandoned public toilet.
    (Absolutely no idea why this was even considered let alone become our final idea!?)

  • I saw this a few days ago – it looks fab!!!

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