There were some lovely memories from this year’s Singapore Immersion Programme. Our 70 Singapore guests shared knowledge and cultural differences in the Haldane for three (almost sunny) weeks in June. One of the aims this year was to explore a variety of expressive processes and ask the students redefine them visually and verbally. The students adopted a sense of ‘openness’ and desire to experiment with a variety of media and techniques – they entered into workshop activities with a positive and energetic spirit. Adding to the atmosphere of knowledge transfer were the GSA student ambassadors who exchanged information in whatever way they proposed – discussion, debate, playful activity, performance, drawing and writing. Big thanks to Ryan, Trudi, Laura, Penuel, Jack, Peter, Juliette, Emőke and Rachele.

An important breakthrough moment for one Singapore student was articulated during an interim crit. The student had produced a triptych of drawings of an elderly person climbing a steep street in Glasgow. The drawings were characterful and full of energy. When asked if this was a method of drawing they were familiar with, they replied no. They were using an expressive approach picked up from earlier workshop activity that inspired a new way of looking at the world.

The following piece is from green group b — Fayth Foo, Poh Jing Yi, Tiffanie Sng and Nigel Tan. An animation which examined the remaining structures of an old mill on the Kelvin Walkway. Through their observations, they measured time through repetitive habits and behaviours that portrayed the possible ‘degrading’ of the mill’s history, forgotten both in the physical and psychologically aspect.

Flint mill_1


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