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I made an enjoyable discovery when dusting off some old work files last week. Common Senses, Number One, March 84 was published when I was in my First year at The School of Art. I recognise Jimmy Cosgrove (the master puppeteer on the back cover), Danny Ferguson (formidable looking but insightful and encouraging), John Cunningham (who used to tie his tweed jacket together at the front with a bit of twine), Conrad McKenna and Peter Sumsion (who had a snazzy line in corduroy suits). The zine was put together by students for students and is packed with nostalgic goodies – current stuff, interviews (including Steven Campbell and Ken Currie), poetry, recipes (including cheese nut burgers), book, exhibition and film reviews.

My favourite articles included /
Juke box survey in Pubs in Central Area by Catherine Bisson

oceans eleven


“Bet you never thought of walking into this pub. It doesn’t look very hot from the outside and it’s not exactly all cushions and carpet on the inside. However from my point of view it’s got something that’ll make me go back. They’re video Jukebox. Not only can you hear your favourite songs, you can watch the video too. It’s fifty pence for two songs and you can choose from a wide variety of material. They’ve got quite a few very up to date ones; The Killing Moon – Echo and the Bunnymen; Love is a wonderful colour – The Icicle Works,; The Colourfield – The Colourfield, to name a few. They have Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood but I’m afraid the video is very tame. They have some pretty obscure things, for example; Don’t Box Me In – Stewart Copeland and Rumble Fish; Aerobics – The California Girls and Que te Quiero by Katrina and The Waves, whoever they may be. They’ve got quite a few classics as well – Independence Day by the Comsat Angels; I only want to be with you by the Tourists and Stand by your man by Tammy Wynette. There’s also a whole load more, some I’ve never heard off, and some I don’t think worth mentioning: The video picture is good and the music is loud but not offensive.”

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* Pigeons are the only birds capable of sucking. The rest make do with sipping and swallowing

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“So you think you’re an Art Student” quiz including /

Question 4 — Do you go home to:-
a) See your family, b) get Mum to do your washing, c) get fed and pissed

Question 5 — How many times are you heard saying “frustration” or ”depressed” in one day?
a) never, b) 10 or less, c) at least 5,000

Question 7 — How many times a day do you go for a tea break?
a) 5 or less, b) 10-15, c) my whole day’s a tea break

Question 15 — When a tutor slags your work do you:-
a) Go into a four months sulk, b) Ask to look at her/his recent work, c) Tell her/him to ********** off

If you answered mostly c) you proved to the world that as an art student at The School of Art you were the coolest, hippiest thing to be seen walking along Sauchiehall Street. I needed a d) option for each question to accurately reflect my non posering experience in Yr1. The dodgy anorak without a hood, polyveldt shoes and home knitted sweaters didn’t help. The Mary Chain changed all that …

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